Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Winner No. 3:

Of the 2008 Liedl's Bronzed Shrimp:

The "Are We Sure We're Not in Sarajevo?" award for Worst City Visited in 2008:

Goes to ... Detroit.

As if there was any doubt.

Between the barren skyscrapers (with 800-foot Verizon banners covering one side of the building), the bizarre Irish tavern / Soul Train dance party bars, the permeating sense of despair and hopelessness, and the fact that it was a minor miracle that our crew escaped from the Motor City without a death, mugging, or rape ... pretty nice town you've got there.


EMoney said...

No argument from me.....although if we would have made a stop in Toledo we may have a nice runner up.

EMoney said...

Also, I propose that for the rest of the Liedl's Bronzed Shrimp awards, that person that proposes the category also proposes 3 finalists rather than declaring just the winner. Then each member of the QB roundtable can cast his or her own vote.

For example.....Wisconsin's Worst Coaching Performance of the Year Award. A. Ned Yost, B. Brett Bielema, C. Mike McCarthey

FPMKE said...

1) It's a real hazard to low flying planes.
2) I will never again volunteer to DD in Detroit. Not only is it ghetto but it's torn up so even when hooker face says you can make a left turn in 2 blocks, you can only make a right.

Rubie Q said...

An excellent suggestion, $. More finalists, coming up.

Devil's Threesome said...

One word gentlemen: moussaka!!

It's never a good sign when the thing I was most excited to see was old Tiger Stadium.

FPMKE said...

moussaka... I had to pinch off my piss and leave the visitor center bathroom. That was the most vile poop EVER!

Reid You Animal! said...

I'd like to thank FPMKE's GPS system for allowing us to see some of the "finer" parts of The D. You know, the kind that you don't see on one of those guided tours. My favorite was the crowd of gentlemen on the poorly lit street corner doing... Well, I'm not sure what they were doing, possibly playing dice or kicking someone's ass. Either way, it was a real special moment.