Friday, January 30, 2009

G'Town Predictions?

73-68 MU. I'm really concerned about this game, but I think we'll pull it off.
'Rel will have 24.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Crazy Night in the Big East

Villanova comes back to beat Pitt - thank you very much.
Providence owns Syracuse - thank you very much.
Cincinnati "upsets" Georgetown - not sure what to think of this one. Is this good for MU? How will G'town respond on Saturday. The MU board is saying that Summers rolled his ankle and didn't play in the second half.

Our chances of a Top 4 BET seed were really bolstered by these games. UL, Pitt and UConn are basically locks for 3 of the Top 4, so we'll have to battle it out with Cuse, Providence, Nova and WVU for the final double-bye. I really like our chances with that group. Already have wins over PC, Nova and WVU and we get the 'Cuse at home. That game @Nova could loom very large.

Thoughts on G'town anyone?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Your Prayers Have Been Answered!

MikeHunt is blogging!

Here's his initial submission:

There are only two downsides to writing a 600-word sports column that appears four times a week in the newspaper.

(1) I have a pathological fear of taking a stand on any issue, which makes it somewhat curious that I'm employed as an opinion columnist. (2) My Cheetos get all over the keyboard of my laptop.

It's 600 words. And it runs four times a week.

I know, that's a lot of slop to sling around every week...

Occasionally, that's not enough words and not enough times to feed the 800-pound gorilla relentlessly gnawing on the 24-hour news cycle.

I'm sorry ... what's that? You say you have MORE that you want to write? Well, far be it from me to quell the will of the masses. The people have apparently spoken -- to whom, I'm not sure -- and the people have apparently been of one voice on this issue: WE WANT -- NAY, DEMAND -- MORE MIKEHUNT!

So welcome to Extra Points, where the stuff that falls through the cracks will be collected in a gently used Brewers clubhouse spittoon, filtered, sorted and sporadically presented in a semi-readable format.

You really choose the oddest metaphors, you know? One day, you're talking about baseball managers willing to have stuff shoved up their asses, now you're talking about collecting stuff in a jar where ballplayers hock up their Red Man? That's supposed to pique my interest? "You know what my life is missing? Shit covered in spit."

We'll talk about the usual suspects and issues, at least the timely stuff I can't fit into the column. We'll talk about the influence of sports on movies, books, music and culture in general. We'll talk about some pretty cool stuff I see along the road. But most of all we'll try to capture the spirit of the thing, whatever that thing might be, sort of like my man Dickie Dunn.

Wow. A Slap Shot reference? That was timely, Mike. I'm sure everyone over the age of 40 is highly impressed with your pop culture knowledge.

And as the spirit moves, we'll discuss things that might not have an immediate connection to sports. But trust us, connect they will. For example, we'll eventually get around to talking about a song I heard on my favoite radio station the other day that managed to get "Milwaukee" and "Harvey Haddix" into the first two lines.

Oh, mannnnn! You cocktease! We're not going to talk about it today?

The intenion is to never be too serious, although we might encroach upon something approaching gravity should the need arise. If someone needs propping up or a kick in the seat, we'll try and accommodate.

And if things get too squirrelly, I just might say the heck with it and suggest we all go listen to the Marshall Tucker Band.

Yes, let's! Then, when we're done, we can watch re-runs of Three's Company on our Betamaxes while we clip photos of Danny Patridge for our scrap book!

This is going to be fun.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


By Marc Stuart of the Urinal-Sentinel Staff

It's not limited to the new administration in Washington, D.C.

No, the Audacity of Hope has spread far and wide, and, on Monday night, it nestled comfortably into the Kohl Center in Madison.

Riding a career-high 21 points from sure-fire lottery pick Keaton Nankovil and the concussive force of Joe Krabbenhoft's elbows, the Wisconsin Badgers added to their nation-leading "ALMOSTS" ledger by blowing a late, five-point lead to the dastardly Matt Painter and his crew of goons -- who, quite rudely, refused to stop making wide-open three pointers in the game's closing minutes.

By almost winning this barn burner between two of the Big Ten's most high-powered offenses, Bo Ryan's squad has now put a scare into a number of good teams.

"Grrrrrr!" explained Ryan after the game, baring his teeth. "This is a mean face! GRRRRR! Look at my mean face! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!"

Painter was relieved to leave Madison with a slim victory and made clear that he wouldn't want to see this Badger team in the Big Ten tournament in March.

"Fuck yeah I'd want to play those fucks again," said Painter, who must have been joking. "We've beaten them four times in a row, and two years in a row on their home court.

"Bo Ryan is my bitch," Painter continued. "Print that shit, and put it in caps -- BO RYAN IS MY BITCH. I come home from practice, and Bo Ryan is making a me a roast beef sammich in my kitchen. Know why? Because HE'S MY BITCH. Make sure that's in caps."

Told of Painter's joshing, Ryan responded: "I'm a badger! Check out my claws! GRRRRRRRRRR!"
It appears that the mojo of the Badgers gets passed around more than super-aids. Neaton Kankivil, or something like that goes 5 for 5 from 3 and the badgers shoot 11 for 17 from three land and still can't get to 60 points. I went from hoping the Badgers could pull of a W for our non conference schedule, but ended up rooting for Purdue to hit those 3's. And the almight Bo Ryan decides its best for his team to leave the ball in his freshman point guard's hands, mojo or not, and hope he takes his guy one on one to the rack while the other 4 guys stand around watching. Sure it almost went in but still not very well designed. Erin Andrews is hot! Oh well. And how the hell didn't Krabbenhoft not get called for a foul on that pick. That was ridiculous and the ref was staring right at it. Oh and how is the no call carry, not a carry.

I can't wait for Saturday. Rubie-May I direct your attention to Bob Wolfey's Sportsday today/tomorrow discussing Marquette and how we still have to prove something. That should provide you plenty of good material.

On the Evolution of Dominic James.

Back in the early fall of 2005, I was having a beer with a law school buddy of mine at one of the local haunts in Uptown. (Liquor Lyle's. I don't know if I've taken any of you there. The place is a fucking trip, although the ambience has changed dramatically since they outlawed smoking in bars in Minneapolis. Anyway, it's dark, it's cramped, it smells awful, the Grain Belt is plentiful, and you can't find a waitress with less than 14 tattoos. God, I miss Lyle's.) My buddy went to college at Oregon, but his dad was a professor at UConn and he lived in Boston for a long time, so he knew a lot about college basketball in general and the Big East specifically.

We got to talking about Marquette's move to the Big East. Unsurprisingly, I was highly skeptical. (I wouldn't say I was panicked, but that's only because I wasn't living in Milwaukee at the time. The physical separation and the fact that I was only able to see a handful of games every year somewhat tempered my emotions – though I still got pissed off enough to fire a remote at the television after the Marquette – Arizona game in 2004.) I thought this was a classic "be careful what you ask for…" situation; I had visions of Marquette becoming the Northwestern of the Big East. I also mentioned that I thought (or hoped, to be more accurate) that Crean was on his last legs after the twin debacles of the 2003-04 and '04-'05 seasons. Sure, I knew he probably wouldn't get canned, but anytime your squad struggles to break 40 in a home NIT game against Western Michigan, and Marcus Jackson is playing point forward, and your No. 2 returning scoring option is cockbag extraordinaire Ryan Amoroso, and Dameon Mason is the latest starter to leave the program … I mean, his seat had to be getting a little warm.

So my buddy asked: "What does his recruiting class look like this year?" I said I didn't know all that much about the freshmen. I'd heard a bit about Wes, after the hubbub with his dad being a Commie expat, and I knew we had a kid from Chicago. And then there was a kid from Indiana who was going to be taking over for Diener. I knew next to nothing about him, but the talk was that he was the jewel of the class, a 5'8" (in high tops) freak who had a 48-inch vertical (or some nonsense like that). He was runner-up to some honkey for Mr. Basketball in Indiana, which is apparently a big deal.

But that was it. That was all I knew. And I followed as best I could from afar in the '05-'06 season, noting Dom's eye-popping numbers in the box scores – 28 vs. West Virginia (though with seven turnovers), followed up by 29 at DePaul, 18 at Notre Dame, including one of the most incredible dunks I've ever seen – but there weren't many games televised in Minneapolis (primarily because we stunk out loud the two years prior). And then, to top it off, the one game I was most interested in seeing – Marquette vs. Alabama in the first round of the tourney – was such a rout in the first half that the Minneapolis CBS affiliate switched to a different game. I spent most of the second half with my eyes on the ticker, watching Marquette creep closer and closer. Finally, they went back to the game – just in time to show Novak clanking the wide-open three that would've tied it. (On a related note: Fuckshitcockassballsucker.)

So, when we moved back to Milwaukee that summer, I still didn't know that much about DJ or the Amigos. The first game I saw, in person, was an exhibition vs. Cardinal Stritch. (Or Concordia. Or University School. Or fucking MATC. I can't remember.) I watched from student seats behind the band, just across the aisle from D3S and Charlie's Gunt. I had spent the summer studying for the bar, so I knew even less about incoming recruits than the year before. When Cubillan checked in for the first time, I yelled to D3S: "Who's that guy?" Before he had a chance to respond, D3S's longtime friend and possible soul mate, Warrior Brad, chirped up: "That's Cubillan. He's taking over the point when DJ goes pro after this year." Hmm. OK. I thought this was your garden-variety bullshit from WB until the games against Duke (whoa) and Valpo (kid's got stones the size of dumbbells).

Now, to paraphrase Coach Buzz, I'm not smart enough to break down what happened to DJ after that. I'll suggest three things, though:

  1. The drive-kick game that was so potent Dom's freshman year evaporated after Novak graduated. Without a gunner waiting on the wing, teams were sagging to the middle whenever Dom drove to the basket.
  2. Compounding this problem was the lack of a reliable post presence. Without anyone to dish to, either on the wing or down low, when the double-team came, attacking the rim became significantly more difficult.
  3. Perhaps most importantly, our expectations for DJ became wildly unrealistic, and, instead of focusing on all the things he does well, we started concentrating on the few things he doesn't do well.

To some extent, I guess that's to be expected. You see a college player as good as DJ was in his first year, and you anticipate that, over his career, he's going to become a better three-point shooter, a better free throw shooter. Sometimes, that just doesn't happen. You can work with the guy on his form for three years, but, at the end of the day, he's not a natural shooter.

Now, there's one other part to the dynamic here, and that's Jerel. Jerel has transformed himself from a raw, talented, turnover-prone defensive menace to a polished, poised, less-turnover-prone all-around force. There's been a progression – in fact, a remarkably consistent progression – from Year One to Year Four, and now he's gotten to the point where he can go into a hostile arena against a desperate opponent and pour in 27 points, and almost every shot comes within the flow of the offense. He's light-years removed from where he was as a freshman, especially in regard to the turnovers and playing within himself.

For Dom, though, the one aspect of his game that was suspect as a freshman (shooting) remains his bugaboo. That said, he has made tremendous strides in other parts of his game; just to name one, he is now probably a better on-ball defender than Jerel. (Who would have thought we'd be saying that three years ago?) He runs the offense efficiently. He defends the 2-on-1 break better than anyone I've ever seen – how many times has he swatted the shot, intercepted the pass, taken a charge when he's the only guy back on the break? His look-away, one-handed bullet pass is the stuff that SportsCenter "Top 10 Plays" is made of. It's gotten to the point where I'm sending D3S two text messages a game saying: "We're really, really, really going to miss Dom next year."

Most of all, though, he wins. We've won 20, 24, 25, and (so far) 18 games during Dom's four years at Marquette. Not too bad for a short kid who can't shoot.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Notre Dame

For those of you who are not making the trip to beautiful South Bend, Indiana this afternoon.....any thoughts or predictions? I for one am quite optimistic about tonight's matchup between MU and ND. First of all, both teams are essentially the same as last year, and we took 2 out of 3 from them last year......including a narrow 3 point loss at Notre Dame . Second, ND is on quite a slide......losing 3 in a row (I believe) including the game against UConn on Saturday which snapped their 45 game home win streak. In my opinion, while we do not have the size (or weight) that Notre Dame has, we are much more athletic and better at defending than they are. Sloth with get his....he's a double double or 20 and 10 machine, so if our trio of guards can limit what Jackson and McAlarney do, MU will have a very good shot at getting the tough road W. And I think that they will! James and Jerel should lock those two down so provided Gody doesn't put up 35+, or one of the other tall whities doesn't have a huge game it's ours for the taking! 6-0 is a great start, but there are many skeptics because of the "soft" conference schedule thus far. I don't totally agree, but a victory tonight will definitely prove that we are worthy of the 10/11 national ranking. Go Marquette!

In other news, for those of you who missed Rosiak's blog, he indicated the rescheduling of a recruit visit from this past weekend to next weekend during the Georgetown game. Dashonte Riley of Michigan was originally a G'town committ but withdrew his verbal a couple of months back. This is interesting because I believe MU originally did not recruit him too hard.....maybe because they knew that they didn't stand a chance against the schools on his list. Anyways, after he withdrew his committment I pondered and hoped that Buzz would try a hail mary in attempt to get this guy. Well Buzz and I were on the same page. Word is he was supposed to visit during the Depaul game, but Buzz rescheduled to the following weekend versus G'town because he wanted to take the team to ND after the game on Saturday(also ironic considering he will be attending the game against the team of his original verbal). The espn recruiting service has Riley ranked as the 6th best center in the class of '09. Sounds like he is extremely athletic and a shot blocking machine! How perfect of a fit would this be? Not only would MU be increasing their size and depth in the 4/5 positions, they would be acquiring legitimate talent in that position. Combine that with the balanced class that is already coming in would be sick. So pretty much screw Jamil Wilson, I'll take Riley over him hands down! Keep your fingers crossed.......if this happens, MU likely has a top 5/3 nationally ranked class and would also possibly be Marquette's best ever.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Not Much To See On Our End...

With the largely uneventful win over DePaul, so let's check in with our friends in BadgerLand for some schadenfreude, eh?

Here's Mark Stewart's attempt to explain away Bo-hovah's (see what I did? I took "Jehovah" and put "Bo" in place of the first two letters!!!!!!! Get it??!? ROFLMAO!!1!1!11!) fourth Big 11 loss in a row:
The Wisconsin men's basketball team earned a dubious distinction Saturday while providing its coach with a glimmer of hope for a better future.

Does it have anything to do with Jordan Taylor and his "mojo"? Inquiring minds want to know.

The Badgers' equaled the longest losing streak of Bo Ryan's eight years as coach with their 64-57 loss to No. 25 Illinois in front of a sellout crowd of 16, 618 at Assembly Hall. UW dropped to 12-7 overall and 3-4 in the Big Ten, but not before putting a scare into the Illini by trimming a 15-point deficit with 14 minutes left to just five in the final 30 seconds.

Wow. Good job, men. You might not have a win over a solid team, but you're kicking ass and taking names in that all-important RPI category: "Putting a Scare Into Teams While Ultimately Losing the Game."

In falling for the fourth straight game, though, the team showed some of the toughness the coach has been looking for.

"Just grit," Ryan said of the rally. "The guys that were on the floor were the toughest guys we have. We just need to get that from the rest of the guys."

Ouch, Keaton. (Also: I'm going to take a stab in the dark. Mr. and Mrs. Nankovil were big fans of "Family Ties," weren't they?)

Ryan closed the game with senior Joe Krabbenhoft, who had 16 points, a collegiate high, and 12 rebounds, one U-Boat captained...

senior Marcus Landry (13 points, three assists),

...who disappeared for major stretches of the game...

juniors Trevon Hughes (13 points, three steals)

...who shot 5-13 overall and 2-7 from three, though he leads the nation in Multi-Colored Mouthguards (1)...

and Jason Bohannon (two points)

...J-Bo, as the ladies never call him, couldn't create his own shot if you let him drive a bulldozer down the lane. He's fucking awful. I'm sorry I can't find a more creative way to say that. He's just completely fucking worthless...

and freshman Jordan Taylor (four points, three assists).

But off-the-charts "mojo"!

That group cut a 10-point deficit in half, and had it taken any advantage of the three turnovers it forced with its trap in the final 1 minute 13 seconds the Badgers might have left town with something to really feel good about.

I love how this: "had it taken advantage of the three turnovers it forced with its trap in the final 1 minute 13 seconds" is said like it's a good thing. Had the Germans controlled any of the beaches on D-Day, we might all be eating sauerkraut for breakfast (and Krabbenhoft might be Uber-Kommander of Wisco-Deustche-Land).

"We've got some fighters out there," Hughes said.

But, amazingly, none of those "fighters" has ever committed a foul. Right, Bo?

[Bo Knows Shit] drew the [technical foul] call after Krabbenhoft was called for a blocking foul against senior guard Chester Frazier. Ryan thought the call should have been a charge and was applauding Krabbenhoft's effort; the referee, Ted Valentine, took offense and hit Ryan with a technical.

Bo: you are palpably full of shit. I hope you had a huge smile on your face when you were saying that you were "applauding Krabbenhoft's effort," you fucktaster. I saw the play. You were unequivocally, unquestionably mocking the ref, as you are wont to do when you boys are actually getting whistled for fouls. You earned that one. Wear it, meat.

Up next for Bucky: Purdue, a team that seems to have Bo's number. Five losses in a row?

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Apparently Prince and the Crew are close to signing a two year 18 million dollar contract. Considering the $6 million/$8 million arbitration numbers that were submitted and the mark up he should/can receive next year I think its a good deal for both sides. Provides the Crew some salary certainty and Prince some financial security. Hopefully now that he doesn't have to worry about $$ he can just focus on baseball and have a break-out year.


Milwaukee Pravda

Good thing the local press is smoothing over the impending Badger collapse. Good fucking god, could they give Bo more of a pass here? I don't have time to break it down, but just read the blog link below after a loss to the second worst team in the Big 11.

"Did Jordan Taylor get his mojo back?"
Seriously? That's your blog title after this embarrassing loss? Also - did Taylor ever actually have mojo? We aren't talking about Kam Taylor here are we?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sorry Zone - Jim Powell is Gone

Moving to Atlanta. My condolences on your loss.

Lost Finally Starts Tonight...

Lost Fans,

Don't forget to check out, as he has a link to the Bob and Brian Lost segement as well as other hints etc for tonight's season premiere. I put the Evangeline Lilly picture up there to satisfy all the non-lost fans so they didn't get mad at me.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fun Bear's QB Quiz

For all of those not working hard on this Tuesday, here is a fun quiz to see how many Bears QB's you can remember since the superbowl.

I got 17.

Uh Oh.

Say it ain't so, Dwyane:
According to the Miami Herald, Siohvaughn alleges in legal papers that Wade abandoned his two children, committed adultery and infected her with a sexually transmitted disease. Siohvaughn wants the names of all of Wade's sexual partners during their marriage.
I'm biting my lip on this one.

Also: over-under on the STD? I'm pulling for The Clap. You just don't hear enough about The Clap anymore. Everybody has to talk like a doctor now: "It's gonorrhea." You know what? That's hard to spell. I just had to Google it, and a bunch of unfortunate stuff came up on my screen. I'm bringing The Clap back. (I hope that's not what she said.)

Monday, January 19, 2009

The "I Told You So" Department

Guess what boys?  Wake is #1 in both polls, just like D3Some said on Saturday night.  

Everything I said after 9:30 or so must be disregarded, including all the bitching I did about not understanding Bar Dice Version 2.0.  I was SHOCKED to find that my credit card made it back into my wallet and the tab was only for $23!  Happy days!

Buffet Movie Review... The Wrestler

Last night I had the great fortune to take in The Wrestler. This is a movie starring Mickey Rourke about a washed up wrestler that is trying to get his life back in order while wrestling the small time shows. I'm sure most of you knew that already, but there you go. Watched this at The Oriental with 3 other buffet members and two buffet wives. I'm sure there are at least 2 other members of this board that could talk about this better than me, but I'm bored and that's what the comments are for. We'll look at different aspects of this movie.

Acting: Mickey Rourke is not one of the guys that comes to mind when I think of incredible actors. I'm not sure that this movie changes my view of his acting skills, but damn was he good in this movie. I think he was so great because he wasn't forced to act all that much. Rourke has had one messed up life. He has been a boxer. He grew up in a crappy neighborhood. He has had failed relationships. He doesn't have a pretty mug. Reid summed it up best while walking out. After seeing his rough face several times, Reid said they couldn't have found anyone better to play this role. This also reinforces the fact that he didn't have to act much. I think the one part where he was really acting involved his first scene in the deli. That scene showed character development to a certain degree. The rest of the time he was playing a dude that might not be that far removed from it is really like to know Mickey Rourke. I mean the dude went on steroids to do this movie. That's dedication.

Marisa Tomei. Wow. I know that D3S said he heard that she was weathered, and she was a little bit, but man. I'm not sure what it is, but I thought she looked good. She had quite a messed up character to play and I thought she nailed it. Plus she had pierced nipples that she didn't mind showing. Nice.

Plot/Story: About what you would expect and I thought it was very well done. I read that this is somewhat loosely based on Jake 'The Snake', or maybe it just really reminds people of his now sad life. They really did a good job of capturing what it's like for these wrestlers that aren't part of the "show" anymore. I also really loved how they ended it. I'm not going to say anything here since I believe everyone on this board should see the movie whether they like wrestling or not.

Wrestling action: While I wish there would have been more, I think what they did have in it was rather good. Unbelievable some of the stuff they showed. That stuff is real and I grimaced in pain at least ten times. The actors in this movie really put themselves through the spots. Glass, barbed wire, staples, tables, and ladders. It was all there. It also gave those not familiar, and those that are familiar, with wrestling an insight into what happens during a match. Mrs. Reid posed some good questions based on the matches afterwards.

Cinematography: It took a bit at first to get used to the handheld camera shooting. Sort of Blair Witch like, but not as shaky. It gave it a cool perspective and made it feel more gritty. It was good they filmed this thing in New Jersey (pretty sure it was Jersey) because the bleak winter landscape went very well with the story. You want a depressing landscape that goes along with a depressing character... choose Jersey. I don't care what Zach Braff says, the Garden State ain't all that.

Overall I thought this was a good movie. I can see why it has gotten so much attention and won some accolades. There wasn't much of a budget and they pulled everything they could out of it. I once again highly recommend you see this movie. I also look forward to hearing comments from Moongoose, Reid, and Zone since they were all there last night.

How'd That Happen?

Amidst the Old Fashioneds on Saturday, I believe I watched most of a basketball game involving Marquette and Providence. Somehow, despite the following occurrences:

(1) Burke and Hazel played, combined, about 5 minutes.

(2) Someone who looked an awful lot like Joe Fulce saw double-digit minutes.

(3) Mo Acker played 17 minutes, including most of the second half.

(4) Geoff "Don't Call Me Dylan" McDermott grabbed 17 boards.

(5) 'Rel, all by his lonesome, missed six throws.

(6) Jeff Xavier's brother coming dangerously close to re-enacting the opening scene from The Last Boy Scout. (Also: where do I put in my application to be a security guard for the Dunkin' Donuts Center? Seems to be a pretty easy job. "Excuse me, sir. Sir? Sir? You shouldn't be out there. Sir? Please? OK, let's go have a juice box. You want a juice box? Sure you do.")

(7) Half the crew appeared in need of an IV or four at halftime.

... Marquette still managed to win.

So, um ... how'd that happen?

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Friars

Big game tomorrow! Providence is playing quite well thus far (3-1 in Big East play), and being that our only conference road game has been Rutgers, I think that this will be a very good indicator at how good this team really is. I personally like our chances. It goes without saying that all conference road games are tough, but Providence is built similarly to Mu in that they are guard heavy and have a "smallish" go to forward in Geoff McDermott. So I think overall we match up well in that I would take James, McNeal, Matthews and Hayward over Efejuku, Curry, and McDermott. Two things concern me however: 1) How will the 1 week layoff affect how we come out and play? Will there be signs of rust? Being that it's a road game, it would be-who us not to build a large deficit early. In fact, I think that in order to win we need to have a fast start and keep the crowd out of it as much as possible. 2) Is everyone healthy? Whatever McMorrow and Hayward had must have been passed to the others, because according to Rosiak 3-4 other players missed practice due to illness throughout the week. This could become an issue due to our lack of depth. If everyone is healthy, and we keep our rustiness at a minimum I predict a 77-71 victory. Our defensive tandem of James/Mcneal should really limit what Curry and Efejuku do offensively. McDermott will play well as he usually does against us, but it won't be enough. James has another great road game.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Random NBA Thoughts...

I know this types of posts aren't allowed but just wanted to point out a few things from the NBA:

Joe Alexander-Nice shot last night...fucking airballs a 3 at the buzzer that would have sent the game to overtime against the Heat. Why are we trying to get him into the dunk contest? Trade him and Sessions for Conley as reported...Conely has the potential to be much better than those other 2 clowns combined.

The Bucks-Here's how the game went last night. Left the house at 7 to get my hair cut and the Bucks are up 10 early. Get back to my car and the Bucks are down 10. How the fuck do you have a 20 point swing in 20 minutes. Well the Heat went 8-8 from 3 during that time. ugh!

Devin harris - Ok so he's a Badger, but you got to give him some credit for landing her. Almost NSFW.

Chris Paul - I thought D-Wade might be the only player on the planet with the chance of getting a quadruple-double, but CP almost did it last night against the Mavs. he had 33 points, 11 assists, 10 rebounds and seven steals. That's a nice game. Maybe Homer should rethink his theory that DJ can guard Chris Paul right now.

A Little Something for Reid...

There wouldn't be a Marquette game on TWC 32 if it wasn't for oustanding products like this. But this is much funnier!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Breaking News - Westbrook Hurt!

Guess what guys - Brian Westbrook is hurt again! Is he sitting next to Fred Taylor, Ben Sheets and Percy Harvin in the doctor's office.
Any other thoughts on ridiculously injury prone guys?

News & Notes Regarding MU Hoops

Being that it's a bit of a slow week for Marquette basketball, I thought I would point out and/or discuss some things I've noticed of late. First......Jeronne Maymon is starting to make some noise nationally. I don't believe he plays much in the summer AAU circuit, so he wasn't able to display his talents until the season got underway......this while most other kids are playing in a ton of tournaments throughout the summer under the careful eye of the scouting companies. Anywho....Maymon's Madison Memorial squad played in a tournament with some of the Midwest's best teams, and according to an espn article he was the standout player in the tournament by averaging 23 and 13 (article can be found on espn's recruiting page). Espn updated their player rankings and bumped Maymon up to #55 and said that he might continue to climb the ladder throughout the year. Also, an FYI, Michael Snaer apparently hasn't been as impressive of late so espn dropped him into the 40s.

While thinking about recruiting a bit more, I recalled how in the fall Buzz was still trying to gain an additional committment (ie. Snaer).....possibly from another guard or Jamil Wilson (which is another story in itself). I couldn't figure out how that was going to work being that we were/are fully committed for next year. Well, nothing ever came out of that, but there are still a ton of quality players that are uncommitted at this point. (I know I'm kind of running in circles here but you'll see where I'm going with this in a sec) Then, I began to think about how unusual our whole bench situation has gotten this season. In particular, the dropoff of David Cubillan's playing time/production. Now I realize he had surgery on both shoulders and his shot isn't where it was his freshman and part of his soph season, but he can still play solid D and give James a blow 2-5 minutes per game.....especially considering he is now an upperclassman with 2 years of Big East experience under his belt. So the reason I bring this up is, does anyone else foresee Cubillan transferring after this season? I understand he only has 1 year of eligibility, but Buzz obviously doesn't like something about his game so what would be the point of him sitting on the bench for his senior year? Or is there a potential for someone else to transfer? My conspiracy theory is that Buzz doesn't want Cubillan on the team and his somewhat giving him a shove out the door. And I can see his point if that's the case. David is a shooting guard in a point guards's body. He can d up the opposing pg, but he's not a good enough ball handler/penetrator/distributor to run our offense. He's not very athletic. And he's not really a good enough shooter to compensate for the mismatch problems he creates at the 2 spot. So after this season when the big 3 are lost, what does the team really have to gain with Cubillan there? If he is there, he's not going to get much playing time with Acker, Cadougan, Buycks, Butler, and possibly Maymon (at the 2 guard). So why not let him go on his way and play somewhere else where he can contribute, and at the same time bring in a talented freshman that will be able to contribute over the next 4 years and increase the overall talent of the team? This is where I believe the additional scholarship was going to come from if MU was able to gain another committment. Any rebuttles? Thoughts?

New Day, Same Shit.

MikeHunt writes something stupid. For some reason, I am compelled to dissect it. Some days, I feel like Sisyphus.

There is no debate that the Milwaukee Brewers need starting pitching.

You can say the same thing about, oh, 29 other teams in Major League Baseball. For fuck's sake, the Red Sox just signed what's left of John Smoltz to a $5.5 million deal. The Yankees gave $80 million to A.J. Burnett. Derek Lowe just conned the Braves out of $60 million over four years. I mean, the Crew ain't exactly alone in the "needs starting pitching" department.

There is no disagreement that Prince Fielder is the most valuable commodity among the pieces they'd be willing to move.

And there is no question that Fielder intends to become a free agent after the 2011 season.

There is also no question that October 2011 is almost THREE FUCKING YEARS FROM NOW.

So, yes, the Brewers should avoid delaying the inevitable by trading Fielder as soon as a sensible opportunity presented itself. For example, on the off chance a pitching-rich team like Boston would be willing to give up a presentable starter, you do that and you do it now.

As far as reasons to trade Prince go, "avoiding delaying the inevitable" isn't all that high on the list.

And what, exactly, makes you think that a team like the Red Sox would be willing to trade for Fielder? Where would he play? They've got an All-Star first baseman in Youkilis, and a pretty good DH in Ortiz. But suddenly they're going to say: "You know what? We should probably move Jon Lester. Let's see if the Brewers would give up Fielder for him"?

But just because the drumbeats for moving Fielder keep getting louder as his arbitration bonanza nears doesn't necessarily mean the short-term rationalizations have grown any simpler.

Ahh, there it is. It just wouldn't be a MikeHunt column without (a) waffling and (b) incomprehensible, Dale-Hofmann-esque jibberish like this sentence. I hope this made sense when you wrote it.

Sure, the Brewers could move just about anyone to first base.

Fuck, man, they "could" do just about anything. They "could" let Sheets' Va Jay Jay play all Rush songs for three hours every game. But that doesn't mean it's a good idea.

But who protects Ryan Braun in the lineup? Even with his power reduction last year, Fielder still hit 34 homers and drove in 102 runs. Even if he received $8 million or so in his impending arbitration hearing, that's value the Brewers could not replace.

Then ... why should they trade him?

But wait! Jump on, kids! Let's get back on the MikeHunt roller coaster:

Yet in any high-stakes hypothetical, a tipping point is the fear of trading a player too late for return purposes against the risk of losing his production too soon. In Fielder's case, there are issues that should cause the Brewers to err on the side of the latter.

Fielder could surprise everyone next month by showing up fit at Maryvale Baseball Park. But if he cannot control his weight, he would restrict the Brewers' eventual trading partners to the American League.

What? Why would anyone in the National League trade for him now? Let's try something new, Mike: let's think through the possibilities before writing something stupid.

He's not getting traded to an NL Central team.

There's only one team in the NL West that can offer us starting pitching -- the Giants. I don't imagine they're in a hurry to trade Lincecum, and their GM has said that Cain is all but untouchable. (Which makes some sense. They'd need a pretty good reason to move a young, affordable, durable starting pitcher.)

And in the East -- the Phillies have Howard, the Mets can't offer pitching, the Marlins won't want to take on payroll, the Nats can offer ... John Lannan, and the Braves have Kotchman. Or would you like to try to trade Prince for Jair Jurrjens (who, somehow, is NOT Swedish)?

I mean, let's think about the variables here:

(1) After his dip in performance last year, combined with the alarming fact that he went vegetarian and STILL managed to put on 30-40 pounds, Prince's trade value can't be all that high right now.

(2) No one is motivated to move young, starting pitchers. And very few teams have young, affordable starting pitchers to offer in a trade.

(3) We control Prince's rights for the next three years.

Don't you at least want to give it one more year -- if not two more years -- before trying to move Fielder? Please, tell me if I'm wrong, because MikeHunt's not going to. He's just going to keep offering more reasons why we should trade Prince, oh-wait-maybe-I'm-getting-ahead-of-myself, fuck-I'm-on-deadline, just-print-this-shit-and-go.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Condolences go out to Sheets & Kirby for their losses today.  Both Andre Dawson & Bert Blyleven fell short of the required votes for the baseball HoF.  Is there anything more classic than the Hawk as a Marlin?  Orestes Destrade & Bret Barberie must be proud.

As If You Needed More Proof That Polls Are Meaningless...

Mark Stewart, unrepentant Bucky apologist ... er, beat reporter for the Journal Sentinel, shows you the danger of trusting poll ballots to people who don't appear to watch college basketball.

His votes:

1. Pittsburgh

2. Duke

3. Wake Forest

4. North Carolina


6. UConn

7. Michigan State

8. Oklahoma

9. Notre Dame

10. Texas

11. Georgetown

12. Syracuse

13. Clemson

14. Purdue

15. Xavier

16. Marquette

17. Gonzaga

18. Baylor

19. Michigan

20. Butler

21. Tennessee

22. Illinois

23. Arkansas

24. Minnesota

25. California

Alright, here we go:

a Purdue team which has lost twice in the fucking Big 11 -- and, yes, D3, the conference is getting better, but it's still a few giant steps away from being a good conference -- with one of those losses coming to Penn State (a team that fucking sucks ass, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise; I watched the Gophs run them off the floor yesterday in stunning HD on the Big 11 Network) is ranked ahead of a 4-0 Big East team which has beaten two top 25 teams in the last 10 days;

an unbeaten Wake Forest team which just beat the formerly-invincible Carolina Tar Heels is somehow ranked behind a one-loss Duke team. Whose dick does the Deacon need to suck to get some love, man?;

Michigan State, who lost to UNC by 30 at home and to a gawd-awful Maryland squad, is ranked in the top 10. (And yes, I know they beat Texas. Texas has better wins than Michigan State and one more loss -- and no inexcusable losses, like that Maryland game for MSU. Texas should be ranked higher than Michigan State, is what I'm sayin'.);

[EDIT: I don't know what the fuck I was trying to prove here. I realize I kind of talked myself in a circle: Texas has better wins than MSU, but MSU beat Texas, so ... Anyway, I'll sum up: if Michigan State is the seventh-best team in the country, I'll shave my eyebrows.)

an Illinois team which has done next to nothing to merit a top 25 ranking, gets some dap for ... what, exactly? Oh, right. Because we don't want too many Big East teams in the Top 25. Like:

Louisville, which is nowhere to be found. Louisville - Illinois on a neutral court. Who you got? Yeah. I'll take the 'Ville and give ten points.

Mothers, don't let your sons grow up to be sportswriters.

Kentucky Tickets

Here's the scoop from my co-worker. I friend of his has two company seats that they are willing to sell. The rub is that they are $90 a piece. I'm waiting on the location of those seats, they may be in the first row of the upper deck, which is really nice. He's also going to check with a couple other sources. I'll get back to everyone as things develop, but I think it would be worth it to get the two for $90/ticket as long as they are good seats.

A Look Forward

Thoughts on the remains games:

1-17 @Providence – this one of those games that we should win, but could very easily lose. It’s not a backbreaker if we lose, but a HUGE bonus if we win. Just shy of a gravy game. Can we handle them with Curry in the lineup? Who will control McDermott? This is a tricky game and I’d be delighted with a win, no matter how ugly

1-24 DePaul – easy win. If we lose, I’m jumping in the river. Old Gill is all but done in Lincoln Park

1-26 @ND – I like our chances here. Shrek will get his, we really need to limit McAlarney. James on Jackson and McNeal on McAlarney with everyone doubling down on Harangody except for McNeal. 50/50 game. We should win 1 of 2 against PC & ND

1-31 Georgetown – Can you imagine how rockin’ the BC will be if we enter this game at 7-0 in the conference? How will we stop Monroe? G’town is pretty soft outside of Monroe and we should be able to win this game, close though

2-3 @DePaul - easy win. If we lose, I’m jumping in the river. Old Gill is all but done in Lincoln Park

2-6 @USF – high trickiness potential, it will be close, but the seniors will pull it out

2-10 @Villanova – I’m kind of liking our chances in this one. We won there last year and I’m not sold on Nova at all. If we can keep Cunningham from going off, we’ll be all right

2-14 St. John’s – Saturday night game at the BC against an overmatched opponent, chalk it up as a W

2-17 Seton Hall – I loathe Bobby Gonzalez. I bet this will be a close game, but the Big 3 will pull us through

2-21 @G’town – ugh, and so it begins. Tough, tough game to win. The Verizon Center isn’t exactly an intimidating place to play, but G’town is good. Gravy game if we get it

2-25 UConn – worst…matchup…ever. I’d be flabbergasted if we won this game. Hopefully UConn will lay a famous Calhoun turd and not try very hard

3-1 @UL – Who knows what they will look like at this point in the season? Their win over Nova is a good sign if you are a Cards fan. I say we allow Samuels to post up all game. From what I’ve seen, that guy is a bigger black hole than Harangody

3-4 @Pitt – I haven’t seen them much this year. Regardless, who will guard Young and Blair? Yeesh

3-7 Syracuse – Cuse looks good and they have a very balanced and talented lineup. Onuaku is solid down low. That being said, this is Senior Night and I can’t see the Big 3 losing their last home game

5 Auto Wins – DePaul (2), @USF, St John’s, SH
5 50/50 Games – @PC, @ND, @Nova, G’town, Syracuse
4 Gravy Games – @G’town, UConn, @UL, @Pitt

Win all 5 easy games, go 3-2 in the 50/50 games and steal 1 gravy game. That puts us at 13-5. Pretty do-able fellas!! What do you think?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Brewers 2009 Payroll...

Slow day at the office today so courtesy of a co-worker here is a list of projected Opening Day salary for the Milwaukee Brewers with estimates for Arbitration Eligible Players and assuming the Rule 5 guy sticks around and we sign a veteran infielder for the 25th spot:

Starters-$17.8 mil:

Gallardo - $400k
Bush (Arb.) - $3 mil
Parra - $400k
Suppan - $12.5 mil
McClung (Arb.) - 1.5 mil

Relievers-$13.85 mil:

Hoffman - $ 6 mil
Julio - $950k
Villaneuva - $400k
Riske - $4.5 mil
Coffey - $800k
Swindle/Stetter - $400k
DiFelice/Dillard - $400k
Morlan (Rule 5) - $400k

Infielders-$28.05 mil:

Kendall - $4.6 mil
Rivera - $400k
Fielder (Arb.) - $6.7 mil
Weeks (Arb.) - $2.75 mil
Hardy (Arb.) - $4 mil
Hall - $6.8 mil
Lamb - $800k
Extra Infielder/Counsel? - $2 mil

Outfielders-$14.645 mil:

Braun - $745k
Cameron - $10 mil
Hart (Arb.) - $3.5 mil
Gywnn - $400k

Grand Total: $74.345 million

In conclusion, I agree with Rubie, no more salary room for Sheeter. Might be stuck with these 25 guys.

Rivals talks McNeal.....Marquette has a weekly rankings update on each position within NCAA basketball, and their featured position player for the start of the new year is Jerel McNeal whom they have ranked as the #1 shooting guard in all of college basketball. After looking at the rankings of the other positions, rivals has 3 Marquette players in the top 10 of their respective positions.......Mr. Matthews comes in at #8 for small forwards and Lazar comes in at #10 for power forwards. Props to both of them because a) they are somewhat playing out of their natural positions and b) the small and power forward positions are quite competitive.....for example Lazar is just after Earl Clark whom many "experts" project as a definite 1st round pick with lottery potential. The surpise to me was their ranking of James.......came in at #20. The PG position is always competetive, and while James PPG average isn't as high as the higher ranked players I would have him in the top 10 based on the fact that he locks up on defense, distributes the ball consistently (~5 assists per game), doesn't turn the ball over much, and still scores at a respectable clip.......all while he has 3 teammates who score 17, 18, and 19 ppg. In the words of the great Rodney Dangerfield, "No respect!". It's good to see that Jerel is getting recognized nationally.

Big game against West Virginia tomorrow! While my seats from Cincinnati Ohio won't be as good as all ya'alls tomorrow, I will probably be enjoying a similar alcoholic beverage. 4-0 start would look beautiful. I haven't been able to watch West Virginia play much since Huggins' arrival, so I'm not totally sure as what to expect from them. I know they have a lot of good shooters, but I don't think that they have a ton of size. Being that there shouldn't be a huge disparity in size and depth between us, I foresee our guards dominating on both ends of the floor. Combine that with a rowdy and possibly intoxicated Reid You Animal and good 'ol Bradley Center Saturday cookin' equals a Marquette victory. MU 81....WV 75

Man I Can't Wait for Opening Day...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jamie Dixon Before He Was a Cockface

Or at least when he was a younger cockface. Heard about this video on Rome today, I had no idea about it prior. The sponsor at the very end warms my heart.


I can't believe that there are esteemed members of this blog who think the Brewers should make an attempt to resign Sheets. Fellas, here's the facts:

(1) He's 30.

(2) His career first half / second half splits:

1st Half:
56-43, 3.50 ERA

2nd Half: 30-40, 4.04 ERA

His August numbers are particularly troubling: 12-17, 4.42 ERA

Any idea why that happens?

(3) He doesn't take care of himself.

Yes, he's had some fluke injuries, like the inner ear thing. But he wears down in the second half -- and his performance suffers -- because he's not in shape. It's clear he's not taking care of his legs when you see second-half injuries like a torn muscle behind his shoulder. Because he doesn't take care of his legs, he puts more pressure on his arm -- and that's not a good thing when you throw 95 mph and rely heavily on your curveball.

(4) We can't afford to sink another $10 million into a starting pitcher when we're already paying Suppan $12 million. A quarter of our payroll on two starting pitchers -- one injury prone, the other a complete fucktard -- is a recipe for disaster.

(5) Teddy Higuera. That's all I'm saying. Teddy Fucking Higuera.

So, please, stop with the "resign Sheets" stuff. It's for the better.


Anonymous source says the Brewers and Trevor Hoffman are close to a deal. San Diego apparently pulled their $4 million dollar offer earlier in the offseason forcing Hoffman to file for free agency. 4 million???? We pay Eric Gagne $10 mil to look "threatening" in the bullpen, but a guy who consistently saves 30+ games every year is getting half of that? Needless to say, if we can get Hoffman for 1-2 years at 5ish million/year I'll take it. Our bullpen was a wreck for much of last year and looks as bad if not worse with Torres retiring and Shouse going elsewhere. So while the additions of Jorge Julio and Hoffman are not Francisco Rodriguez-esque, I think they're good moves and at a bargain price. I mean what other options are there? Thoughts???

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'll take it...

Any win on the road is big. I don't care who you play.

Some quick observations right after the game.

Wes Matthews... Man! Anytime Rutgers was getting rolling he would hit some floater/leaner/pretty Wes-type shot.

Dominic James... Absolutely outstanding game. 2 threes that shouldn't have been taken... maybe, but oh well. His court vision is that of legends. Some of those passes are ridiculous.

Jerel McNeal... A seemingly pedestrian effort by him. Still some big shots including big throws at the end.

Dwight Burke... Way to start off big buddy. Too bad they didn't keep feeding him.

Lazar Hayward... Not a great game. His shot wasn't there. One stupid charge foul. Not a horrible game but not helping himself as far as D3S's theory goes.

Jimmy "Legs" Butler... Great to see him do what he did in the first half. A very dumb charge (just like Lazar).

Buzz Williams... Well he even admitted in the post game that he didn't have his greatest coaching effort tonight. He said he took chances and put guys in at spots where he normally wouldn't and left guys out longer than he normally would. At least he is learning. Gotta like that.

As Zone says, "Survive and advance."

Oh yeah... and could that R at center court be any bigger. I'm sure you can see that from space.

MU favored by 9.5...

sorry for breaking up the long comment streak but we've got a game tonight to discuss.

i say take MU tonight...and it might get Cincy ugly!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

UL Trip?

Any dudes still interested in a UL trip? Tickets are on sale for face value at I can get a group of 4 together (in the top row) for $30 a piece. Groups of two are available 2 rows lower. Not too bad for our final game there.

Monday, January 5, 2009

The "What are they on the 8 year plan!?" post.

After several discussions and text messages with many members of this board, I thought this post would be a good idea. There are always the guys that we play where we say, “Is this guy on the 8 year plan?” You know those guys. They seem like they are in college forever. For this post I only went through the conference teams and stayed with current players. We could all add the Alando Tucker’s of the world I’m sure. That’s what the comments are for.

I’ll look at it team by team.

Cincinnati – Deonta Vaughn – Nobody on this roster really jumps out at me like they have in the past. Vaughn is only a junior, so he qualifies. It would probably help if they have beaten us recently.

UCONN – Jeff Adrien – This guy is seriously still there? At least he’s a senior.

                   A.J. Price – Just one of those guys (like Joe Chapman) that seems like he has been there and will be there forever.

DePaul – Sammy Mejia – Okay, so he’s not still there. Would you be shocked if was though?

Georgetown – DaJuan Summers – He grabbed 14 boards against us last year. I still have nightmares of him.

Louisville – Terrence Williams – This guy has to be 29. Doesn’t he?

                      Earl Clark – He might only be 25, but come on.

                      Edgar Sosa – With the way the Latino countries keep track of age, he could actually be 30 even though he looks 16 (I know he’s from New York).

                      Andre McGee – No doubt in my mind this is his 8th year.

                      Jerry Smith – Douche.

Notre Dame – Sloth – There is no way he is only a junior. Really? Crap.

                          Sir Smokes A Lot – The only person that has been at ND longer is his mom (I really doubt she could have gotten in there).

Pittsburgh – Levance Fields – The gentleman that started the conversation that led to this post. He even had a medical redshirt just to add a 10th year.

                       DeJuan Blair – This guy is only a soph. I repeat, only a soph.

                       Sam Young – Looking to collect his AARP card next year.

Providence – Weyinmi Efejuku – With a name like that you should stick around.

                        Sharaud Curry – I believe he’s only played against us once, but it just seems like he is always there.

Rutgers – Mike Rosario – Only a Freshman, I know, just getting ready…

Seton Hall – They just all seem like Douche Bags!

St. Johns – Anthony Mason Jr. – I’m pretty sure he’s just a chunk of his dad’s huge ass that fell off and learned to play basketball.

Syracuse – Andy Rautins – Nothing special, but a dude that could hurt you.

                    Girl Pusher – Apparently making obscene gestures at crowds wasn’t enough for this thrill seeker. Quite possibly the biggest douche bag to ever walk the Earth.

                    Paul Harris – Not sure why, but he sticks in my mind.

South Florida – Nobody of any real note.

Villanova – Scottie Reynolds – This guy is just good.

                     Dante Cunningham – How good would he look in blue and gold.

West Virginia – Alex Ruoff – What a dopey white guy. Cracker.

I’m sure I missed people. Feel free to add on. This could probably go on forever.

This might be my fault

The Twins owner, Carl Pohlad, died today. I know that I have not spoken highly of him in the past, but he did do a lot of good in Minnesota. He was a 93 year old money grubbing dick who would have sold his first born to the MLB if the price was right, but he did hire good people that helped produce two world champions and several division titles over the past several years. As much I didn't like him, he will be missed by many. R.I.P. Here's to hoping for some looser wallets.

Taking Care of Business!

Well the first week of Big East conference play is officially in the books and I think it's safe to say that we are all pleased thus far. What can I say about yesterdays game against Cincy? To sum it up I will say two things.......1) Unreal! 2) Forget about it. To shoot 60% from 3 point land while having ~20 attempts is fantastic yet not our game, a blip on the radar if you will, so as Buzz always states "enjoy it until midnight, then forget about it". I can say great things about damn near everyone, so without stating the obvious about those who stuffed the stat sheet I wanted to give out props to James for his performance not only against Cincy yesterday but essentially what he's done throughout the season. When you can hold Deonta Vaughan, a Big East first team candidate and the opponents leading scorer, to zero pts on 0-8've definitely brought your lunch pail to work and earned some mad props (did I mention theat Vaughan has never been held scoreless in his entire collegiate career). This of course followed the Villanova game in which James seemed to frustrate Scottie Reynolds whom had a poor shooting night and a quiet 15 points (of which I think 5 or so came in the final minutes when the game was out of reach). James also held Trevon Hughes in check in the Dec 7th game against Wisconsin, limiting Hughes to 14 pts and only 2 assists. So while Dominic hasn't been scoring at a clip similar to his fresh and soph seasons, I think that he has concentrated on improving the overall team play by playing great defense and distributing the ball to his teammates on the offensive end.

I also wanted to point out the nice minutes that O'tule provided. He didn't exactly look like the Alonzo Mourning of G'town out there, but considering he missed the first 8-10 weeks of practice and has played limited minutes in only 4 games, he really seemed to hold his own out there and was aggressive against a decent Big East team. Had 2 nice blocks, a couple of boards, and dropped in some shots from the post. Now I know his post moves weren't pretty, but when was the last time you saw Burke (our starting center mind you) score points from the post? Hek, when was the last time you saw Burke catch the ball in the post, make an offensive move, and not turn it over? So pretty much any production from the 5 is welcomed, and will be much needed down the road.

Early thoughts on the other Big East teams......While many of us have been trembling in our shorts regarding the matchups with the upper echelon teams of the conference (ie. Louisville, Notre Dame, UConn, G'town, Pitt, etc.), I firmly believe that while they are all very good teams they too have weakness and are beatable.......even by MU. Notre Dame returned the same team this year.....a team that we beat 2 out of 3 times last year and had the potential to beat a 3rd time of Blackledge can handle a hot pass after a steal with under a minute to play.....yet they are hailed as Big East contenders while we are predicted to be more pretenders. After watching them at Depaul (Reid as my witness), I claimed that they didn't look so hot this year and were as sieve like defensively as any team in the Big East. Dar Tucker and Koshwal looked like all-americans against their defense. It seems as if they addapted the Phoenix Suns philosophy of "try and outscore us". They pulled out the game at Depaul followed that up with a turd of a game and lost at a horrible St.Johns team who also did not have their best player. Louisville looks out of sorts.....losses at home to Western Kentucky and UNLV and against Minnesota. Kentucky also played them tight yesterday and needed a bomb of a 3 pointer from Sosa......very Reece Gaines-esque which of couse brought back some bad memories. G'town goes on the road to beat UConn, then follows that up by losing at home to Pitt whom I think is the best team and a team that we always seem to play tough regardless of the favorite. So in summation, I still think we've got a great shot at 10+ wins in conference play. If we can continue to take care of business at home and win some against the lower level teams on the road, we'll be ok. If Jerel and Lazar continue to shoot like this all year......we win 12 games. You heard it here first folks!

Friday, January 2, 2009

BE Game 1: 'Nova.

What We Learned: As we saw in the Madison game, when you've got two relatively evenly-matched teams, it's a nice thing to have the best player on the floor. 'Rel seems to get up for the big games, doesn't he?
  • Wes is a completely different player this year. I won't pretend to know enough about the differences between Crean's and Buzz's offensive systems to say precisely what's occasioned the change, but Wes is a beast now. That pull-up jumper with about seven minutes left yesterday was a dagger, and a play he absolutely does not make last year.
  • Dom remains mercurial on the offensive end, but turned in a solid defensive effort. He hit a couple of huge threes, but took way too many -- the only person who should be attempting ten triples is Lazar. And he was uncharacteristically sloppy with the ball -- five turnovers, including the inexcusably lazy pass to Jerel at the end of the first half that led to a 'Nova layup. He did a nice job on Reynolds, though it helped to have Tim Fucking Higgins calling the game -- Dom sold a couple of the "elbows" by Reynolds pretty good.
  • Burke is a donkey. Anybody still up for the idea of matching him up, one-on-one, with Harangody?
  • We miss Ooze a lot. How many times yesterday did Dom drive to the hole and attempt that no look, bounce pass that Barro would put away last year? I saw Burke mishandle one, Hazel two, and Jimmy Legs Butler another. (BTW: two of Jimmy's offensive rebounds came on that single play: muffed the pass, shot, blocked, rebound, shot, blocked, rebound, turnover. Long story short: still a ways to go for Jimmy Legs.)
What We Don't Know Yet ... : Dom goes 35 minutes. McNeal goes 37. Wes goes 36. And Lazar plays 35, too. That's a lot of tread on the tire.

I think we'll learn a lot on Sunday. If the boys look fresh and ready to go, maybe we can play with an eight-man rotation all season. If they look like they're running in fresh cement, though ...
  • Which member of Buzz's family did Cubillan kill? I understand he's struggling right now, but, Jesus, 10 seconds of run?
  • Has the 1-3-1 been put on mothballs for the year? 'Nova seems like the right kind of team to zone up. I was surprised we didn't see it.
And, Finally, To Update the Tote:
  • 'It's Indiana, It's Indiana' Record: 5-7
  • 20-Points Plus Losses: 3
  • Shudder-Inducing Home Losses: Lipscomb, Northeastern
  • Crayola Crayon Color That Best Matches Tan Tommy's Skin Color: Sunset Orange

Apparently, MikeHunt's New Year's Resolutions...

didn't include not writing inane shit. I'm not going to bother going through the majority of his latest effort. I'm just going to point you to this part:

Analogous to the league that just might break double digits on NCAA tournament entrants this year, the big water is treacherous and cold. Yet where it is deep, the Golden Eagles are not.

This, of course, is not news. Similarly, we learned little we did not already know about Marquette from its smartly and aggressively played 79-72 victory against No. 15 Villanova at the Bradley Center.

But don't let that stop you from writing another 500 words about it, MikeHunt!

Fuck me.


I'm sorry, I have more to include. I couldn't let this pass:

Yes, Jerel McNeal, Dominic James and Wesley Matthews were very good in the first conference game of their final season together. And as seniors, they give every impression, from their collective experience and skills and the confidence they ooze, that they are finally prepared to take Marquette reasonably deep into the postseason.

Emphasis mine.

I can't put what I'm about to say any nicer than this: fuck you, you fucking uninformed buttplug. "Finally prepared to take Marquette reasonably deep into the postseason"? Listen, fuckhead -- they've been prepared to do that for three fucking years. But then shit happened:

Year One: Jean Fucking Felix. That's it. Dude has the game of his life -- and the Amigos still damn near pulled it off.

Year Two: We lose our best player right before the tournament, then match up with Izzo in round one, causing Crean to completely lose his shit.

Year Three: Despite a terrible match-up in round two, we're a miracle shot from one of the Lopii away from the Sweet Sixteen.

Don't you ever fucking lay that any of that shit on these three ever again. I don't know if you've realized this watching Bo beat up on double-digit seeds year after year, but it is fucking hard to win in the NCAA tournament. The Amigos have done everything they possibly could to take this team "reasonably deep into the postseason." Fuck, man, 'Rel was willing to play with a broken fucking hand against Michigan State until Crean put his foot down.

I'm sorry for yellin', but this shit drives me nuts. Am I disappointed that we haven't done more in the tourney? Fuck yeah, I am, but I'm not disappointed in Rel, Dom, and Wes -- just their former coach. And to act like the lack of success in the tournament is what defines these three's fucking bullshit, is all.

I'm going to go run around the building for a minute. If I don't come back, I'm definitely NOT firebombing the JS building.