Monday, January 12, 2009

As If You Needed More Proof That Polls Are Meaningless...

Mark Stewart, unrepentant Bucky apologist ... er, beat reporter for the Journal Sentinel, shows you the danger of trusting poll ballots to people who don't appear to watch college basketball.

His votes:

1. Pittsburgh

2. Duke

3. Wake Forest

4. North Carolina


6. UConn

7. Michigan State

8. Oklahoma

9. Notre Dame

10. Texas

11. Georgetown

12. Syracuse

13. Clemson

14. Purdue

15. Xavier

16. Marquette

17. Gonzaga

18. Baylor

19. Michigan

20. Butler

21. Tennessee

22. Illinois

23. Arkansas

24. Minnesota

25. California

Alright, here we go:

a Purdue team which has lost twice in the fucking Big 11 -- and, yes, D3, the conference is getting better, but it's still a few giant steps away from being a good conference -- with one of those losses coming to Penn State (a team that fucking sucks ass, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise; I watched the Gophs run them off the floor yesterday in stunning HD on the Big 11 Network) is ranked ahead of a 4-0 Big East team which has beaten two top 25 teams in the last 10 days;

an unbeaten Wake Forest team which just beat the formerly-invincible Carolina Tar Heels is somehow ranked behind a one-loss Duke team. Whose dick does the Deacon need to suck to get some love, man?;

Michigan State, who lost to UNC by 30 at home and to a gawd-awful Maryland squad, is ranked in the top 10. (And yes, I know they beat Texas. Texas has better wins than Michigan State and one more loss -- and no inexcusable losses, like that Maryland game for MSU. Texas should be ranked higher than Michigan State, is what I'm sayin'.);

[EDIT: I don't know what the fuck I was trying to prove here. I realize I kind of talked myself in a circle: Texas has better wins than MSU, but MSU beat Texas, so ... Anyway, I'll sum up: if Michigan State is the seventh-best team in the country, I'll shave my eyebrows.)

an Illinois team which has done next to nothing to merit a top 25 ranking, gets some dap for ... what, exactly? Oh, right. Because we don't want too many Big East teams in the Top 25. Like:

Louisville, which is nowhere to be found. Louisville - Illinois on a neutral court. Who you got? Yeah. I'll take the 'Ville and give ten points.

Mothers, don't let your sons grow up to be sportswriters.


EMoney said...

Not much of a shocker considering he and Mike Hunt get together and play pogs every Friday night.

Rubie Q said...

"Remember ALF? He's back ... in POG form!"