Friday, January 9, 2009

Brewers 2009 Payroll...

Slow day at the office today so courtesy of a co-worker here is a list of projected Opening Day salary for the Milwaukee Brewers with estimates for Arbitration Eligible Players and assuming the Rule 5 guy sticks around and we sign a veteran infielder for the 25th spot:

Starters-$17.8 mil:

Gallardo - $400k
Bush (Arb.) - $3 mil
Parra - $400k
Suppan - $12.5 mil
McClung (Arb.) - 1.5 mil

Relievers-$13.85 mil:

Hoffman - $ 6 mil
Julio - $950k
Villaneuva - $400k
Riske - $4.5 mil
Coffey - $800k
Swindle/Stetter - $400k
DiFelice/Dillard - $400k
Morlan (Rule 5) - $400k

Infielders-$28.05 mil:

Kendall - $4.6 mil
Rivera - $400k
Fielder (Arb.) - $6.7 mil
Weeks (Arb.) - $2.75 mil
Hardy (Arb.) - $4 mil
Hall - $6.8 mil
Lamb - $800k
Extra Infielder/Counsel? - $2 mil

Outfielders-$14.645 mil:

Braun - $745k
Cameron - $10 mil
Hart (Arb.) - $3.5 mil
Gywnn - $400k

Grand Total: $74.345 million

In conclusion, I agree with Rubie, no more salary room for Sheeter. Might be stuck with these 25 guys.


Rubie Q said...

Bushie's number will be higher. He's our winningest pitcher over the last three years.

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

It's really sickening to look at the starting picthers salaries and see Suppans name attached to the high price tag.


Zone Defense is for Pussies said...

wait a second...did Rubie just say Bushie deserves more than $3 million? I know its going to get cold next week, but i dind't realize hell was going to freeze over too.

Rubie Q said...

Where did I say he DESERVES it? I was just saying what the REALITY is. They're going to look at his wins and say: "He's worth $4.5 million." And I'm going to vomit.

FPMKE said...

I thought Bushie threw the ball well.