Monday, January 19, 2009

How'd That Happen?

Amidst the Old Fashioneds on Saturday, I believe I watched most of a basketball game involving Marquette and Providence. Somehow, despite the following occurrences:

(1) Burke and Hazel played, combined, about 5 minutes.

(2) Someone who looked an awful lot like Joe Fulce saw double-digit minutes.

(3) Mo Acker played 17 minutes, including most of the second half.

(4) Geoff "Don't Call Me Dylan" McDermott grabbed 17 boards.

(5) 'Rel, all by his lonesome, missed six throws.

(6) Jeff Xavier's brother coming dangerously close to re-enacting the opening scene from The Last Boy Scout. (Also: where do I put in my application to be a security guard for the Dunkin' Donuts Center? Seems to be a pretty easy job. "Excuse me, sir. Sir? Sir? You shouldn't be out there. Sir? Please? OK, let's go have a juice box. You want a juice box? Sure you do.")

(7) Half the crew appeared in need of an IV or four at halftime.

... Marquette still managed to win.

So, um ... how'd that happen?


EMoney said...

It works because we have 4 guys that can score 20+ any game out. On Sat, Jerel has 25, Zar has 25, and Wes 22. That's 72 pt from 3 guys......that outscores the entire opposing team many nights.

EMoney said...

Oh and in regards to Xavier's brother.....line of the night goes to Mongoose:

"What was Tijuan doing on the court?"

I nearly wet myself when I read that.

Rubie Q said...

I thought that dude's name was "Taiwan," like the Asian country. I'm going to be very disappointed if it's actually "Tijuan."

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I love the, "That's Joe Fulce's Music" tag. Nice work.

EMoney said...

I did too, that's just how Mongoose spelled it so i repeated. And for the record I trust Mongoose as he and Tijuan were quite close. During Kensington 201 parties, I recall seeing the two of them play cards together til 4am......or was it dominos mutha f? You'll have to ask McQueen

Moongoose McQueen said...

Total assumption on my part, as asking for the correct spelling of his name may have been taken as an insult at the time. I've seen the "Tijuan" spelling before, so I went with that.

+1 for "That's Joe Fulce's Music" as well.

"Wait, who's that coming out of the crowd? It's Xavier's brother, the X-man! Somebody stop this, this ain't right! Joe Fulce is in no position to stop this onslaught!"

"Can it be?!? YES! Buzz "T.J Maxx" Williams is here to make the save! He clears the court! Somebody has finally taken a stand against these rapscallions!"

Reid You Animal! said...

Buzz with the equalizer, the steel chair!

We won this game because we have a collection of ice cold, unfadeable, mofos. They never thought they were out of it, even when Rubie was warming up the plane back to MKE. And once they got their shit together and pulled even in the 2nd half you could see the Friars sink. They were like "God Damn! What do we have to do to put these guys away?"

In other news, I noticed we're up to 10 in the coaches poll. And just for S's and G's I checked bracketology and saw we were a 3 seed in the Lunardi Bracket. Now I know this is totally putting the cart before the horse and there is a LONG way to go in this season, but it's still fun to see us getting that kind of love.

Rubie Q said...

You know what always killed me? When J.R. would refer to a woman as a "Jezebel." As in: "Chyna's coming into the ring! And ... and she's got a mace! No!!!! NOOOO!!!! DAMN HER! DAMN HER! DAMN THAT JEZEBEL!"

I've always wondered how many folks got that reference.

Also: it wouldn't be a Marquette game if I wasn't giving up with 15:00 minutes left in the second half. You guys wouldn't know what to do with me if I was optimistic.

Devil's Threesome said...

We won b/c Providence turned the ball over on a stunning 24% of their possessions. You can't do that and win.