Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It appears that the mojo of the Badgers gets passed around more than super-aids. Neaton Kankivil, or something like that goes 5 for 5 from 3 and the badgers shoot 11 for 17 from three land and still can't get to 60 points. I went from hoping the Badgers could pull of a W for our non conference schedule, but ended up rooting for Purdue to hit those 3's. And the almight Bo Ryan decides its best for his team to leave the ball in his freshman point guard's hands, mojo or not, and hope he takes his guy one on one to the rack while the other 4 guys stand around watching. Sure it almost went in but still not very well designed. Erin Andrews is hot! Oh well. And how the hell didn't Krabbenhoft not get called for a foul on that pick. That was ridiculous and the ref was staring right at it. Oh and how is the no call carry, not a carry.

I can't wait for Saturday. Rubie-May I direct your attention to Bob Wolfey's Sportsday today/tomorrow discussing Marquette and how we still have to prove something. That should provide you plenty of good material.


EMoney said...

Can you believe the garbage that gets put out daily by the urinal sentinel. Bob Wolfley basically saying that we are living in a dreamworld and are going to fall on our faces any minute now. Furthermore.....MUNCHKINS? Did he really call them Team Munchkin? He did......he said it twice. HEY BOB!!!! I'd be willing to bet that the munchkin Dominic James can bench press your fat ass 10 times. Did he write this while Michael Hunt yanked him off? What tools.

Rubie Q said...

I dunno, I can't seem to get too worked up about this. It just seemed kind of pointless:

We're doing well. Buzz is doing a good job, probably better than Crean would have done. The end of the year will be tough. We have strong senior leadership. We're short.

Looks like this took about 10 minutes to write. Solid effort, man.