Thursday, January 22, 2009

Milwaukee Pravda

Good thing the local press is smoothing over the impending Badger collapse. Good fucking god, could they give Bo more of a pass here? I don't have time to break it down, but just read the blog link below after a loss to the second worst team in the Big 11.

"Did Jordan Taylor get his mojo back?"
Seriously? That's your blog title after this embarrassing loss? Also - did Taylor ever actually have mojo? We aren't talking about Kam Taylor here are we?


EMoney said...

So funny you mentioned that because that is exactly what I thought when I glanced through the sports section this morning. I was expecting a title such as "The brutal winter continues for Madison as 1 loss snowballs into 3" or "Lickliter tames the Vanilla Guerillas in Iowa". No, instead Mark Stewart(I think that's who wrote it) focuses on how a freshman "gets his mojo back"????? He hardly plays, so as you said D3, when did he ever have mojo? Whatever. Finally the Big10 is competitive again, meaning Madison can't stroll through their soft conference season to a high seeding, followed by the proclomation that Bo Ryan is a basketball god in the state of Wisconsin. I mean, who do they think he is, Barack "Husein" Obama?

Sorry bout the political reference....but the reference seemed appropriate for this week.

EMoney said...

Also....correction D3, Iowa might be the worst team in the Big11 considering Northwestern has seemed to turn things around this year.

Rubie Q said...

Iowa might be the worst team in the Big 11? Indiana and Tan Tommy would like a word with you.

EMoney said...

Oh yeah...funny how they slipped my mind isn't it. You're right Indiana is horrible. I hope Crean is happy with his decision.....furthermore, I hope we make a final four run to really shove it in his face.