Wednesday, January 14, 2009

News & Notes Regarding MU Hoops

Being that it's a bit of a slow week for Marquette basketball, I thought I would point out and/or discuss some things I've noticed of late. First......Jeronne Maymon is starting to make some noise nationally. I don't believe he plays much in the summer AAU circuit, so he wasn't able to display his talents until the season got underway......this while most other kids are playing in a ton of tournaments throughout the summer under the careful eye of the scouting companies. Anywho....Maymon's Madison Memorial squad played in a tournament with some of the Midwest's best teams, and according to an espn article he was the standout player in the tournament by averaging 23 and 13 (article can be found on espn's recruiting page). Espn updated their player rankings and bumped Maymon up to #55 and said that he might continue to climb the ladder throughout the year. Also, an FYI, Michael Snaer apparently hasn't been as impressive of late so espn dropped him into the 40s.

While thinking about recruiting a bit more, I recalled how in the fall Buzz was still trying to gain an additional committment (ie. Snaer).....possibly from another guard or Jamil Wilson (which is another story in itself). I couldn't figure out how that was going to work being that we were/are fully committed for next year. Well, nothing ever came out of that, but there are still a ton of quality players that are uncommitted at this point. (I know I'm kind of running in circles here but you'll see where I'm going with this in a sec) Then, I began to think about how unusual our whole bench situation has gotten this season. In particular, the dropoff of David Cubillan's playing time/production. Now I realize he had surgery on both shoulders and his shot isn't where it was his freshman and part of his soph season, but he can still play solid D and give James a blow 2-5 minutes per game.....especially considering he is now an upperclassman with 2 years of Big East experience under his belt. So the reason I bring this up is, does anyone else foresee Cubillan transferring after this season? I understand he only has 1 year of eligibility, but Buzz obviously doesn't like something about his game so what would be the point of him sitting on the bench for his senior year? Or is there a potential for someone else to transfer? My conspiracy theory is that Buzz doesn't want Cubillan on the team and his somewhat giving him a shove out the door. And I can see his point if that's the case. David is a shooting guard in a point guards's body. He can d up the opposing pg, but he's not a good enough ball handler/penetrator/distributor to run our offense. He's not very athletic. And he's not really a good enough shooter to compensate for the mismatch problems he creates at the 2 spot. So after this season when the big 3 are lost, what does the team really have to gain with Cubillan there? If he is there, he's not going to get much playing time with Acker, Cadougan, Buycks, Butler, and possibly Maymon (at the 2 guard). So why not let him go on his way and play somewhere else where he can contribute, and at the same time bring in a talented freshman that will be able to contribute over the next 4 years and increase the overall talent of the team? This is where I believe the additional scholarship was going to come from if MU was able to gain another committment. Any rebuttles? Thoughts?

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Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

There has been quite a bit of talk on the rivals board about Cooby transfering. Some said that there second cousin's college roommate's sister's boyfriend (or something like that) heard that Cooby was transfering.

It appears that Buzz knows something that no one else does or else why would he be recruiting? Cooby seems like the one with most possibility of leaving. But who knows.