Monday, January 26, 2009

Notre Dame

For those of you who are not making the trip to beautiful South Bend, Indiana this afternoon.....any thoughts or predictions? I for one am quite optimistic about tonight's matchup between MU and ND. First of all, both teams are essentially the same as last year, and we took 2 out of 3 from them last year......including a narrow 3 point loss at Notre Dame . Second, ND is on quite a slide......losing 3 in a row (I believe) including the game against UConn on Saturday which snapped their 45 game home win streak. In my opinion, while we do not have the size (or weight) that Notre Dame has, we are much more athletic and better at defending than they are. Sloth with get his....he's a double double or 20 and 10 machine, so if our trio of guards can limit what Jackson and McAlarney do, MU will have a very good shot at getting the tough road W. And I think that they will! James and Jerel should lock those two down so provided Gody doesn't put up 35+, or one of the other tall whities doesn't have a huge game it's ours for the taking! 6-0 is a great start, but there are many skeptics because of the "soft" conference schedule thus far. I don't totally agree, but a victory tonight will definitely prove that we are worthy of the 10/11 national ranking. Go Marquette!

In other news, for those of you who missed Rosiak's blog, he indicated the rescheduling of a recruit visit from this past weekend to next weekend during the Georgetown game. Dashonte Riley of Michigan was originally a G'town committ but withdrew his verbal a couple of months back. This is interesting because I believe MU originally did not recruit him too hard.....maybe because they knew that they didn't stand a chance against the schools on his list. Anyways, after he withdrew his committment I pondered and hoped that Buzz would try a hail mary in attempt to get this guy. Well Buzz and I were on the same page. Word is he was supposed to visit during the Depaul game, but Buzz rescheduled to the following weekend versus G'town because he wanted to take the team to ND after the game on Saturday(also ironic considering he will be attending the game against the team of his original verbal). The espn recruiting service has Riley ranked as the 6th best center in the class of '09. Sounds like he is extremely athletic and a shot blocking machine! How perfect of a fit would this be? Not only would MU be increasing their size and depth in the 4/5 positions, they would be acquiring legitimate talent in that position. Combine that with the balanced class that is already coming in would be sick. So pretty much screw Jamil Wilson, I'll take Riley over him hands down! Keep your fingers crossed.......if this happens, MU likely has a top 5/3 nationally ranked class and would also possibly be Marquette's best ever.


EMoney said...

Again.....where is this extra scholly going to come from?

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I do feel good about this game. Notre is tough, but we can beat them. People always talk about the guys that we have to shut down on other teams. How about those other teams stopping us? We have 4guys that can easily put up 20 points a night. Try defending that.

It would be great to get Riley, but who transfers then? We don't have any schollies left.

EMoney said...

My money is on Cubillan transferring.

Second thought would be Hazel. Even with Burke leaving, I don't foresee Hazel stepping up to the plate. He just isnt' starting SF/PF material in the Big East. With Lazar, Fulce, O'Tule, and Mcmorrow returning next year along with the additions of E.Williams, Maymone, and Roseboro, there really isn't much playing time to go around. If Riley committs, then there really won't be much pt to go around.

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

Interesting thoughts with Hazel. Never thought about that one. Makes sense though. The only thing is that right now he has to be tabbed as the starter next year to begin. Otule needs work and who knows with the others. I'm sure they could pass him, but who knows.

He has made such good progress this year though. I don't want to see anyone leave, but it would be awesome to have Riley.

EMoney said...

Yeah, if Hazel leaves he still has 2 years to play at least where as Cubillan would only have 1. It doesn't make much sense for someone to transfer for 1 year of eligibility unless they see themselves as legitimate pro-prospect who is looking to improve their game and get more pt.

Honestly, I don't think that Hazel starts next year. Unless Lazar is moved to the 3 spot which is entirely possible and probably likely now that I think about it. I foresee O'tule or Mcmorrow starting at center, then the 4 is up for grabs if Lazar plays SF. However, if that's the case Maymone doesn't start which would surprise me. Here's my projected starting lineup for next year:

PG - Cadougan
SG - Buycks
SF - Maymone
PF - Hayward
C - O'tule (ftr - I keep throwing the apostaphe in there to piss off Rube's)

If Riley committs, he has the potential to start at C from day 1. The squad is very interesting next year, and I am curious how Buzz decides to put the pieces together.

Rubie Q said...

So if Riley commits (which I think is a long shot, but still fun to think about), you think we'll start FOUR freshmen next year? I'd imagine Jimmy Legs or Fulce is going to start for a while at SG/SF, don't you think?

EMoney said...

Actually, it would be 3 freshman, 1 transfer (soph), and 1 senior.

Unless Legs or Fulce improve a great deal over the next 9 months, I do not foresee them as starters. But that's just my opinion.....who knows what Buzz would do. I just think that when you have so much talent coming in, and they are essentially the next generation/faces of the franchise, that they need to start from day 1. In the long run, it's for the best. Look at the 3 amigos. I think it was beneficial that they all start TOGETHER from day 1. It pretty much said, this is going to be your team down the road so you may as well rough it together.

So Rub's, you would start legs over Buycks at 2? Or Fulce over Maymone at 3? It's a tough call. Word on the street is that Buycks is a damn good ball player..... athletic/shooter/defender. And Maymone is likely the best of the newcomers (unless Riley committs), with a college ready body and game, so I don't see why he wouldn't start from day 1. It's going to be a bumpy ride next year regardless, but it's fun be able to play chess with our lineup. I suspect Buzz will play with the lineups a lot during nonconference beginning with the experienced guys starting initially. If they start losing games that they shouldn't we may as well throw all the freshman right into the fire like 4 years ago.

Rubie Q said...

Point taken, though starting a JuCo from day one is akin to starting a freshman -- just look at how Jimmy Legs and Fulce have fared coming from juco to Division I.

I'm not saying I would or wouldn't start Buycks (can we change the spelling of his name so it matches the pronunciation, please?) or Maymone. I'm merely pointing out two things:

(1) There's a huge learning curve for any newcomer.

(2) If this year is any harbinger of things to come, Buzz is a bit reluctant to throw the new blood out there, even for a couple minutes at a time. (Did you see Otule's stint against DePaul? If you blinked, you missed it.) He's going to go with the guys he knows, and next year, that's going to be Jimmy and Fulce.

Hey, I hope Bikes (I'm starting this, I don't give a shit) and Maymone come in and set the world on fire. I'm just not anticipating that they'll start right away.

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

Isn't Bikes going to be a Junior?

I like the logic though.

EMoney said...

I understand that like Fulce and Butler, Buycks is a juco.....however I think that Buycks is coming in as a much more talented player. He is ranked the #1 SG in juco and is ranked something like the 40th best prospect in the class of '09 which includes true freshman (ranked slightly ahead of maymone).

Also, when looking at the depth at each position next year the aside from C, the SG is the weakest position. I mean, it's Cubillan, Butler, and Buycks so it's not overly competitive.

In regards to your comment #2, there is a lot more to lose this year if bench players come in and give a game away. Next year, while it's not exactly a rebuilding year.....well, it's pretty damn close to a rebuilding year so I'm sure Buzz' leash with the young guys will be much longer than this year.

I think that Buycks is a soph, but not 100% correct.