Thursday, January 8, 2009


I can't believe that there are esteemed members of this blog who think the Brewers should make an attempt to resign Sheets. Fellas, here's the facts:

(1) He's 30.

(2) His career first half / second half splits:

1st Half:
56-43, 3.50 ERA

2nd Half: 30-40, 4.04 ERA

His August numbers are particularly troubling: 12-17, 4.42 ERA

Any idea why that happens?

(3) He doesn't take care of himself.

Yes, he's had some fluke injuries, like the inner ear thing. But he wears down in the second half -- and his performance suffers -- because he's not in shape. It's clear he's not taking care of his legs when you see second-half injuries like a torn muscle behind his shoulder. Because he doesn't take care of his legs, he puts more pressure on his arm -- and that's not a good thing when you throw 95 mph and rely heavily on your curveball.

(4) We can't afford to sink another $10 million into a starting pitcher when we're already paying Suppan $12 million. A quarter of our payroll on two starting pitchers -- one injury prone, the other a complete fucktard -- is a recipe for disaster.

(5) Teddy Higuera. That's all I'm saying. Teddy Fucking Higuera.

So, please, stop with the "resign Sheets" stuff. It's for the better.


EMoney said...

I like how you see "we" can't afford him when "we" aren't paying him. Sure we pay for tix, parking, sausages, and beer but it's not like Brewers fans are digging into their own wallets and throwing it into a hat and saying....okay we have 98 dollars and 60 cents to spend on free agents this year. We don't know how much money Attanasio can afford. We were paying Suppan, Sheets, and on top of that part of CC's salary so what makes you think that we can't afford Sheets now. And as I stated other pitchers contracts are off the books (ie Gagne), so our payroll probably isn't even near what it was at the end of the season last year. Besides......what other options do we have. I'm not a huge Sheets fan either, but at this point I'd rather have a rotation of Sheets, Gallardo, Parra, Suppan, Villanueva over Gallardo Parra, Suppan, Villanueva, McClung. Rub's if you're Doug Melvin are you really telling yourself that the latter rotation is sufficient in our division? The Cubs are good again and may not even be done shopping, the Cardinals are always well run and competitive, and Houston is always willing to shell out to get talent, so if we're going to already have a payroll of 70mil-ish, would you not take another step to improve your overall starting rotation and bullpen. And think of this as a business decision and not because you can't stand him.

Rubie Q said...

Well, here's what I know about Attanasio and the payroll:

When we traded for Sabathia and Durham last summer, it pushed the payroll above $90 mil. Attanasio said that, at that figure, and even given the huge attendance, the team would operate at a loss.

Yes, Gagne's number comes off the books, as does Sheets' and Sabathia's and Counsell's (I think) and Torres' and Mota's. But you're forgetting arbitration. Prince made $670K last year. This year, he'll make AT LEAST ten times that amount. Weeks will get a raise in arbitration (that's just how it works), as will Corey Hart, as will J.J. Hardy. There goes the extra money.

And, perhaps most importantly: Attanasio made his money in the stock market. The stock market is in the crapper right now.

So, after arbitration, "we're" already going to have a payroll approaching $75-$80 mil -- without Sheets.

The money's not there. It's not going to happen.