Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Uh Oh.

Say it ain't so, Dwyane:
According to the Miami Herald, Siohvaughn alleges in legal papers that Wade abandoned his two children, committed adultery and infected her with a sexually transmitted disease. Siohvaughn wants the names of all of Wade's sexual partners during their marriage.
I'm biting my lip on this one.

Also: over-under on the STD? I'm pulling for The Clap. You just don't hear enough about The Clap anymore. Everybody has to talk like a doctor now: "It's gonorrhea." You know what? That's hard to spell. I just had to Google it, and a bunch of unfortunate stuff came up on my screen. I'm bringing The Clap back. (I hope that's not what she said.)


Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I know one name we would all love to see on that list... someone from our college days... we know her quite well... she likes black guys...

I've said too much.

FPMKE said...

I hear that she has NOT hooked up with D Wade.

Charlie Weis' said...

I'm hoping that it's Herpes...but I'm also hoping that it's really Crean and not D-Wade who's spreading it.

Reid You Animal! said...

I love it

Avoid the Clap
-Jimmy Dugan

That's good advice kid.

My hope is for chlamydia. Because, as Mrs. Reid likes to say, "Remember kids, Chlamydia is NOT a flower."