Monday, January 5, 2009

The "What are they on the 8 year plan!?" post.

After several discussions and text messages with many members of this board, I thought this post would be a good idea. There are always the guys that we play where we say, “Is this guy on the 8 year plan?” You know those guys. They seem like they are in college forever. For this post I only went through the conference teams and stayed with current players. We could all add the Alando Tucker’s of the world I’m sure. That’s what the comments are for.

I’ll look at it team by team.

Cincinnati – Deonta Vaughn – Nobody on this roster really jumps out at me like they have in the past. Vaughn is only a junior, so he qualifies. It would probably help if they have beaten us recently.

UCONN – Jeff Adrien – This guy is seriously still there? At least he’s a senior.

                   A.J. Price – Just one of those guys (like Joe Chapman) that seems like he has been there and will be there forever.

DePaul – Sammy Mejia – Okay, so he’s not still there. Would you be shocked if was though?

Georgetown – DaJuan Summers – He grabbed 14 boards against us last year. I still have nightmares of him.

Louisville – Terrence Williams – This guy has to be 29. Doesn’t he?

                      Earl Clark – He might only be 25, but come on.

                      Edgar Sosa – With the way the Latino countries keep track of age, he could actually be 30 even though he looks 16 (I know he’s from New York).

                      Andre McGee – No doubt in my mind this is his 8th year.

                      Jerry Smith – Douche.

Notre Dame – Sloth – There is no way he is only a junior. Really? Crap.

                          Sir Smokes A Lot – The only person that has been at ND longer is his mom (I really doubt she could have gotten in there).

Pittsburgh – Levance Fields – The gentleman that started the conversation that led to this post. He even had a medical redshirt just to add a 10th year.

                       DeJuan Blair – This guy is only a soph. I repeat, only a soph.

                       Sam Young – Looking to collect his AARP card next year.

Providence – Weyinmi Efejuku – With a name like that you should stick around.

                        Sharaud Curry – I believe he’s only played against us once, but it just seems like he is always there.

Rutgers – Mike Rosario – Only a Freshman, I know, just getting ready…

Seton Hall – They just all seem like Douche Bags!

St. Johns – Anthony Mason Jr. – I’m pretty sure he’s just a chunk of his dad’s huge ass that fell off and learned to play basketball.

Syracuse – Andy Rautins – Nothing special, but a dude that could hurt you.

                    Girl Pusher – Apparently making obscene gestures at crowds wasn’t enough for this thrill seeker. Quite possibly the biggest douche bag to ever walk the Earth.

                    Paul Harris – Not sure why, but he sticks in my mind.

South Florida – Nobody of any real note.

Villanova – Scottie Reynolds – This guy is just good.

                     Dante Cunningham – How good would he look in blue and gold.

West Virginia – Alex Ruoff – What a dopey white guy. Cracker.

I’m sure I missed people. Feel free to add on. This could probably go on forever.


FPMKE said...

I like the label... David Diggs peed in my closet!

EMoney said...

Here's my...."Wow, he's still there? All-American Team":

PG - Levance Fields
SG - Sam Young
SF - Alando Tucker
PF - David Padgett
C - Brian Butch

Honorable Mention: Francisco Garcia, Ronald Steele, the Zeller brothers (how many are there?), Tyler Hansborough