Thursday, February 5, 2009

'10/'11 recruit

Apparently MU gained another committment for the class of 2010 from 6'10 JUCO transfer Monterale Clark. Clark, a Milwaukee native, is playing JUCO in Texas (shocking) and averaging 17pts, 11 boards, and 2 blocks per game. So what does everyone think about this? According to the numbers that he is putting up he sounds like a solid player, but I don't know if I'm necessarily a fan of constantly bringing in these JUCO transfers. I understand that bringing in Fulce and Butler was crucial due to our depleted roster after the Crean departure, but considering that we have already been gaining committments from multiple top100 players, and were on the final list of many others, I don't understand why we offer to a guy that won't play for us for another 2 years down the road and will only have 2 years of eligibility when he arrives. With the success that Buzz has had, I would prefer if he would spend the next 1.5yrs recruiting a top notch guy that could potentially be with the program for 4 years. Especially after seeing what our seniors are doing this year after a full four years with the program.

Furthermore, when he arrives we will already have 3 other guys that are 6'10" or taller in Mcmorrow, Otule, and Roseboro. So I guess I hope that Buzz sees this guy as a no doubt starter over the other 3 guys during his 2 years. Because if it turns out that he's not that much more talented than the other 3 bigs, we waste a scholarship on a 2 year role player when we still had a good 1.5yrs to spend that scholarship on something else ie. a guard considering we will have 8-9 guys that are 6'6" or taller that year. I hope that Buzz isn't pulling a Crean here ie. overstocking on a particular type of player due to experiencing a lack there of for a year or 2. I obviously know nothing about Clark, so who knows......maybe this Clark kid is going to step onto campus and be an absolute monster. Well, we have 1 scholarship remaining over the next 2 years so I hope Buzz spends it wisely.


Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

My only guess would be that Buzz knows something we don't. Is Otule leaving and he wants another big? But if he does leave would we get Reily for next year?

Or maybe he thinks we will struggle the next two years while "his" guys get up to speed and thinks the Juco's could help.

I have no idea.

Moongoose McQueen said...

I'm fairly certain that Clark's skill set is more as a forward than a post-up center, so he wouldn't really be competing with those bigs for PT. Also, how many Top 100 recruits are going to be willing to come to MU in the year or two after next year's class comes in and starts monopolizing all the PT?

EMoney said...

Well, I see your point about monopolizing PT, but only in the PG, SF, and maybe PF positions. I still have no clue who is going to play where next year so it's tough to say. I foresee that following the departure of next year's class (Hayward, Acker, Cubillan), the C and SG positions would be available to a big time recruit. If Buycks is all that everyone says he is, he will likely have SG locked up that year because of his skill and experience between Bradley and JUCO. However, while we now have depth at the C/PF position, I don't think that we have anything more than role players in those positions.

In my opinion, our biggest need at this point is in the point guard position, and runner up being C only because I think we can increase the overall talent in that position. Looking at 2010, besides Cadougan, who can run the point? Buycks? Butler? Bowen? There is potential for the 2004 debacle all over again when Diener went down and we had JoeC and Marcus Jackson running the point. I swear Buzz is going through the Tom Crean phase, and is overcompensating for what the team lacks at this point.

Rubie Q said...

Or he recognizes that the wave of the future is teams like UConn and Louisville, which have a bunch of guys over 6'8" who can play a variety of positions, and he's trying to adjust accordingly.

EMoney said...

While those teams have a ton of size, they also have depth at the guard position.