Wednesday, February 18, 2009


No, I'm not ranting about college football. That was tonight's score of the Illinois-Penn State BASKETBALL game. Yes, that was the final. No, they did not play 10 minute halves. No, it wasn't the women's game. No, they didn't play it outside. To my knowledge, peach baskets were not used, the three point line was in play, the 35 second shot clock was used and JoePa didn't start at power forward for the Nittany Lions.

How the hell are the Illini ranked??? They have scored less than 40 points twice this year! Charlie and I were horrified at the putridness during the Buffet field trip to commie territory. They were afraid to even attempt to finish against the Badgers' "legendary" front line of Jon Leuer, Tim Jarmusz (Beeker) and Marcus Landry (Little 'Bro). Instead, they settled for jumper after jumper, most of which hit the rim - unless Alex Legion was shooting, those were air balls. They even allowed J-Bo to attempt a dunk. Mind you, J-Bo is VERY white, VERY short and VERY unathletic, so he tricked it Dylan Page style.

The really sad fucking thing is that both of these teams could be in the tournament. Fucking Big 11. This shit is so exciting that they get their own craptastic network on which to air this face melting excitement. I can't wait for women's field hockey to start on the BTN - I hear that Northwestern's team is awesome - and in HD. I think I can see their hairy legs from here. Christ, get me a fucking drink.


FPMKE said...

The WGN sports reporter referred to it as "a real sleeper" and "an exercise in futility at Assembly Hall"... nice work Big 11.

Rubie Q said...

Please explain to me how an alleged high-major basketball team scores less than 40 points AT HOME. Were they pulling co-eds out of the stands to take turns playing point guard?

Like I said to Zone D last night, anyone who has argued that the Big 11 is "back" and that it's the second-best conference in America can sit quietly in the corner for the rest of the year.

EMoney said...

Yeah, but according to conference RPI's the Big10 is second only to the ACC. Therefore it must be a really good league. What a joke! The big11 will get 6 or 7 teams in, 3 will make it 2 the 2nd round and 1 past the sweet 16. After MichSt and Purdue, the league is awful!

Devil's Threesome said...

Only an idiot (myself) would misspell RPI.