Monday, February 2, 2009

Beer update... Tailgate 2k9 Predictions

I was browsing jsonline trying to find some info about the 1 second High Life ad that I managed to miss yesterday and came across this tidbit. Apparently, in March, Leine's will be introducing a new beer called "Classic Amber".

I immediately began laughing out loud at the thought of Amber being hauled out of Tailgate 2k4 (?) via wheelchair. I'm afraid that after a week of vacation my co-workers may think I've lost it.

Anyway, if this beer is cold and delicious (and I expect it will be) we may need to pick up a keg for Tailgate 2k9 and go with the old school theme of "First one hauled out in a wheelchair wins". Since this will be D3S last tailgate as a free man, I put my money on him being over-served but the odds are tight given Kirby's 2k8 performance.


Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I fully support everything in this post. All the way from the beer to the theme.

Leinies is really kicking it up a notch. They come out with the Fireside Nut Brown, a good beer but I can only drink one or two in a sitting. The 1888 Bock, I can drink this all night. This stuff is incredibly, ridiculously, awsomely amazing. If you haven't had it yet, get you some. And now this one. I enjoyed the Amber Light and I really like Amber beers in general, so this new concoction excites me. Man, I love beer.

Way to go Leinies. Like Reid said a week or so ago, "Leinies could pretty much put water in a bottle and I'd say it was amazing." That might not be the exact quote, but it was something like that.

FPMKE said...

No kidding... I was out Saturday night and craving High Life but the bar I was at didn't have it. Despite a plethora of bottled beer options, I went Leine's Original and it was great.

EMoney said...

Good News - Marquette is alone in first place after UConn throttle's the Cardinals in Louisville!

Bad News - It cost me $125! Way to shoot 2-16 Earl Clark....a-hole and most overrated prospect in college basketball.