Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bo vs. Tommy: Tale of the Tape.

I apologize in advance that you have to click on the image below to see the breakdown. The fucking Interwebs are fucking with my shit today.


Devil's Threesome said...

Striking Resemblance To:
Crean - Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer
Ryan - Buckingham Badger

Tournament Claim to Fame:
Crean - nearly being shut out by Michigan St
Ryan - never beaten a quality team, refused to guard Curry

Has a Weakness For:
Crean - guards, lots of them, the shorter and less emotionally stable, the better
Ryan - 6'11" stiffs from backwoods Wisconsin. The dopier, slower and softer the better

Media Fellating
Crean - Seth Davis, Andy Katz
Ryan - MikeHunt and this guy:

Rubie Q said...

Someone funnier than me pointed out that Crean also looks a bit like Dwight Schrute. I'll post the link if I can find it.