Thursday, February 19, 2009

Inquiring Minds Want To Know.

Saw this on the JSOnline ticker:

On Oct. 1, Wisconsin law changes to apply the 5% sales tax to digital downloads of music, books, games, etc. Will you comply with this new law?

Please e-mail Steven Walters with any comments.

I'm sorry, I believe I misread that -- the question again, please?

Will you comply with this new law?

Ah. My mistake. At first, I thought you were soliciting comments from people regarding whether they planned to break the law in the near future. As it turns out: that's exactly what you're asking.

Wisconsin law prohibits people from taking dumps on other people's lawns. Are you planning to do so in the next week or so? Please email us if you are; we'll send a photographer out to get a shot.

Please, newspaper industry: stop prolonging this thing and die already.


FPMKE said...

Isn't there a "good enough for me to poop on" label?

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

Do you plan on smoking crack this weekend? If so, please tell us the time and the address you will be at.

Isn't that what this is like? Can they track IP addresses? Is this a state front that the whiteys are monitoring?

Devil's Threesome said...

Hey - anyone trafficking fissable material out there - because we want to know!