Wednesday, February 25, 2009

MU -1...

Enough with all this Sonic non-sense its game day and time to get our game face on. I'm so fired up right now and its only 9:45 am. Apparently the line opened this morning as a pick'em but has moved to MU by 1. Lots of $$ flowing to the Golden Eagles. Atleast gamblers don't ahve to worry about Cooby f-ing up the line again tonight.

I think we are going to win in typical MU fashion...close til about 10 minutes left and being at home carries us to a 5 point win. 78-73. Keys to the game for me are:

-Get big dudes in foul trouble...Thabeet and Adrien. they have a short bench as well and getting those two dues in foul trouble will help greatly (see what Providence did last night to DeJuan Blair).
-Burke needs to be able to catch and finish. Thabeet is going to try and block our guards everytime they get into the lane as their guards can't stop all of our guards. Burke or Jimmy need to be ready for the dribble pentration pass and dunk. I wouldn't be suprised if Burke has 10 tonight.
-Hold our own on the boards especially on the offensive boards. We can't afford to give them second chance points off of their misses
-Shoot the ball well from outside and the free throw line
-Play some small ball with Jimmy in for Burke to make Adrien and Thabeet guard Zar and Jimmy at the 3 point line. Yeah those big dudes are a mismatch for us but our small ball line-up causes mismatches for them.


Devil's Threesome said...

UConn will win 72-66. I just don't have much confidence. Regardless, I'm going to have a good time!!

Burke will neither catch nor finish. He hasn't all year and any pass to him down low will result in a turnover every time.

We need to neutralize AJ Price. James needs to play the game of his life. Adrien and Thabeet will get theirs, but if we stop Price, we stand an excellent chance to win.

Repeated, but critical:
Will UConn play a zone? If not, and we are struggling, go small. Run a ton of high screens with Lazar to pull Thabeet away from the bucket. If Thabeet doesn't follow him, we have Lazar in his favorite spot at the top of the key for 3. Employ the EXACT same strategy that Crean used against Aaron Gray.

Rubie Q said...

"Burke needs to be able to catch and finish."

Burke hasn't been able to do that for three and 3/4 years now. What makes you think he'll be able to do it against Thabeet?

Rubie Q said...

And getting their bigs into foul trouble is probably a task easier said than done.

Adrien hasn't fouled out of a game this year. On three occasions -- vs. Hartford, vs. Gonzaga, and vs. 'Nova -- he ended the game with four fouls.

Thabeet is a more interesting case. He has fouled-out twice -- against Gonzaga, and against Pitt (when he had to trade body blows with Blair all night). Three other times, he had four fouls -- against Michigan, against 'Nova, and against Providence. The common denominator for all those teams (with the possible exception of Michigan, because I don't watch Big 11 basketball) -- a quasi-competent big man.

Zone Defense is for Pussies said...

wow relax guys...that's why i added Jimmy at the end. i guess the point i was trying to make is the pass on the dribble drive should be open all night.

and yeah I'd be suprised if Uconn doesn't come out in a 2-3 zone which eliminates thabeet from having to leave the lane and also protects him from fouls. he can just stand there and hope no body comes at him.

EMoney said...

Zar and Matthews shootin' jumpers from the free throw line all night's money in the bank!

EMoney said...

Furthermore, while I understand that this is a nightmare matchup and we would probably lose this game 7 out of 10 times if we played on a neutral court, we cannot deny the fact that our home, the Bradley Center, can get absolutely f*ckn electric for these big games. While it's coaching cliche-talk, a number of coaches (I'm pretty sure Jamie Dixon was one of them)have said that the BC is one of the toughest places in the country when the students show up. I imagine they'll show up tonight. I soooo wish I was going tonight. Oh well, I'll take the roadie for first place in the Big East on Sunday. Holy crap! Eeeeaighhhhh!

Reid You Animal! said...

I'm gonna go out on the limb here and say that the key number tonight will be our 3pt%. I know we all say that we shouldn't depend on the 3, but that fact is UConn will play zone tonight, and we are going to get looks from 3, and we're going to hoist 'em up. We hit 'em, we win.

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