Friday, February 6, 2009

MU-USF Predictions

I'm nervous about this game, very, very nervous. Nevertheless, I believe we'll win, but it will be close.

MU 73
USF 66

'Rel with 25


EMoney said...

D3....South Florida just got spanked by freakin' St.Johns. They are only averaging 58pts and 38% shooting over their last 5 games. $1 says our top 3 scorers outscores their entire team. MU by 16 and McNeal inches closer to that triple double (24pts, 8assist, 7 boards, 5 steals, and 10 blocks).

Devil's Threesome said...

I will take you up on that bet E and I really, really, really want to pay up on it.
It's our last chance for a bad road loss, so let's win this one and focus on our backloaded schedule.

Zone Defense is for Pussies said...

I love $'s line. its funny, but yet very doable. I feel good about tonight. MU by 15. The big four all score over 15 points.

Zone Defense is for Pussies said...

MU is 9 point favorite!

EMoney said...

Yeah, I'm puttin' a bill on it to try and make up for that UofL game on Monday night. However it's moving towards 10. Last I checked 93% of the people were bettin' on MU to cover. That's a HUGE majority.

EMoney said...

There's a picture of 'Zar on my gambling website.....MU considered play of the night.