Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A night at Sonic

So here we are.  The day has finally come and I have eaten Sonic in my home state.  This is kind of a lame intro, but I'm still on a sugar high from the Cherry Limeade.

Our adventure to Sonic started off quite normally.  Myself, Rubie Q, Mrs. Q, D3S, and Reid all met in the Target parking lot to get into Reid's car.  I pulled up next to them waiting for me and I'm sure they saw the ridiculous grin on my face.  The line to get into Sonic stretched out to the road where it was blocking traffic.  I heard on the radio on my drive to Target that it was about an hour and a half wait.  I knew I was ready to make the sacrifice and I was hoping that my car-mates were willing to do the same.

We finally got close enough to talk to someone.  He told us that it would be about 2 hours.  I was unfazed by this and the rest of the group in the car was going to stick it out for me.  This then lead to a conversation about wait times.  We said that wait times usually aren't as bad as they say and that once you get past 45 minutes, you are really only dealing with Monopoly money.  Rubie then went into a comparison to wait times at theme parks.  We then immediately found the fatal flaw in that argument and we moved on.  We then pulled up to this sign.

That's right.  They had a staging area.  This is where we met our second Sonic employee.  Another very nice gentlemen that showed us the path we would be taking for the next hour or so.  No, we weren't driving to Sheboygan, we were driving around an Office Max.  An Office Max that apparently closes at 8.  During this time there was some texting between myself and Zone.  He tried to "hop on" to our accomplishments and said he would show up in an hour and meet us and jump in.  We shot down this idea right away.  Also during this time we were trying to figure out what the car in front of us was watching on their flip-down DVD player.  After some discussion we figured it was some sort of Tyler Perry movie.  We thought we say that Madea character.  Who knows.

We then met our third Sonic employee.  This gentlemen asked us a very important question.  He asked if we were going to drive-thru or pull into a stall.  We picked the stall option and this proved to be a wise choice.  We eventually made it to our stall after only about an hour and a half wait or so.  We then saw this glorious sight.
There is the menu.  This is where the adventure really started.  We had all written down our orders so it would make it as easy as possible.  It's a really good thing we did.  As would be expected with any opening night, there was some confusion and the ordering process was a little slow.  It might have taken a while, but the nice woman taking our order eventually got it all correct.  If the ordering takes this long in a month or so, then I would worry.  Opening night... no worries at all.  During all the excitement I might have blurted some words out and Rubie might have been restrained by Mrs. Q, but it all went pretty well.

I had the #5 Combo which was a Bacon Cheeseburger Toaster (or something like that).  It was really good.  I love that Texas Toast that the toasters are on (I think it's texas toast).  The tots were phenomenal and I love that the menu says "Tots or Fries" and not "Fries or Tots".  They know what's up.  I also had an extra-large Cherry Limeade.  I didn't think it could get any better until I ate the cherry hanging in the cup on my way home.  Wow.  It was like they somehow put the most delicious thing ever inside that cherry.  I wouldn't be surprised if it was laced with crack or something.  It was probably the best tasting maraschino cherry I've ever tasted.  I also ordered a regular coney with my food.  I figured, as did D3S, that after waiting for over an hour, we were going to eat a crap-ton of food.  And that we did.  The coney was huge and delicious.

Our roller girl, or server as some would call her, was very good.  The people inside messed up our order a bit and forgot to send out 3 items, but she was very nice and brought it right out.  The food also came out very quickly.  We really couldn't believe how fast it came to us.

This post is really too long.  I can't help it that I really love this restaurant.  The food was good, the roller girl and other employees we met along the way were great.  I'm sure the ordering problem will be cleared up eventually.  I also need to thank the fine people at Sonic that sent me the gift card.  It helped to put a dent into our $42 food bill.  That's right.  We ordered over $42 of food at Sonic.  And that's just our first visit.  I'm sure I've left stuff out, and that is partly because it's late and also because this post is too long already.  Zone said the text message line of the night was, "We can see the place now".  That was after we had been stuck behind a strip mall in our journey and we finally made visual contact again.

Here is a great picture to leave you with.  Awesome.


Rubie Q said...

The ordering process was a little slow?

Here's a verbatim exchange?

REID: "OK, I need another Number 2. I want the burger with ketchup and mustard."

ORDER TAKER LADY: "You want a Number 2?"

REID: "Yeah, another Number 2."

ORDER TAKER LADY: "OK. You want the works on the burger?"

REID: "No. Just ketchup and mustard, please."

ORDER TAKER LADY: "OK. Ketchup and mayo?"

REID: "Ketchup and MUSTARD. Please."

ORDER TAKER LADY: "OK. What do you want for a side?"

REID: "Tots. With cheese."

ORDER TAKER LADY: "Tots with cheese. What to drink?"

REID: "A Cherry Limeade."






Pause for thirty seconds.

SHEETS' VA JAY JAY, from the backseat: "Yeah, we're not done yet."

Reid You Animal! said...

Once the Cherry Limeade hit my lips, it was ALL worth it.

Devil's Threesome said...

Small, SMALL seasoned curlies! Fuck my ass...cherries jubilee and that's it!!