Friday, February 6, 2009

Pin the Tail on the ND Grad

As you all know, I work on the Northwest side. It's what the politically correct like to call an "urban" environment. So, I was getting hungry today, so I swung over to Cousin's on 76th & Good Hope. I pulled into the parking lot to see, to my revulsion, a Toyota Camry hybrid with Indiana "Notre Dame" license plates. My angry face quickly turned to glee because I realized I would see an ND grad in his/her least likely environment: a busy as hell, racially diverse Cousin's Sub shop. I enter the establishment and immediately spot the douche. Exactly what you would expect: expensive haircut, fancy, yet conservative shoes, business casual clothing with his employer ID badge stuffed into his breast pocket. The best part was the bewildered look on his face. He was completely uncomfortable - his eyes were darting everywhere and he kept staring at the teenager with a 'fro. When they called his number, he approached the counter with a confidence and swagger similar to me in the presence of strippers. You all know me, that means absolutely zero confidence topped off with the fear of catching clymidia. Ah Notre Dame, educating rich assholes for 100+ years. Thanks for reinforcing the stereotype.

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