Friday, February 27, 2009

QatB Field Trip

Another day is marching through the door and that means that the gents here at QatB are embarking on another field trip.  This trip will take QatB members D3S, Reid, Sheets, Money, frequent commenter Baffoon, and another friend of show to the northern reaches of the Dirty South.

We will be departing today and arriving in the Queen City of Ohio to throw a bunch of whiskey in our heads as we meet Money.  We will then eat Skyline and pass out for a couple of hours.  After waking up, we will eat Sonic and then drive to the Bluegrass State.  The plan for the state where people get lucky in is to take in a distillery tour and then watch the Tigers of Louisiana State University take on the Wildcats from the University of Kentucky at Rupp Arena.  We will then head to Louisville where we will watch our beloved Golden Eagles of Marquette University take on the Cardinals from the University of Louisville during a match-up that will be aired on Columbia Broadcasting System as used to be known as.

We plan on retelling our journey on this blog, so make sure to stay posted.  I'm sure debauchery will occur in at least one of the places we stop.


Zone Defense is for Pussies said...

Hope you have a great time...i'll be thinking of you.

a couple of prop bets for the weekend which I am taking wagers for now:

over/under # of whiskey shots consumed over the weekend - 35

over/under # of minutes into the Kentucky game D3Some makes a Kentucky football comment - 2.5

over/under # of times Reid uses his windshield wiper fluid on the road trip - 28

over/under # of adult entertainment venues visted - 1.5

over/under # of trips to Skyline/Sonic - 2.5

over/under # of times Kentucky fans confuse your yellow MU shirts for LSU fants - 10

over/under # of hours of sleep per person for the entire weekend - 6

over/under # of C-A-R-D-S chants Sunday - 34

Devil's Threesome said...

Over - I expect it to be genial
OVER - come on Zone, you know better than that

EMoney said...

#1. I pray to god it's under
#2. Under, probably before we enter Rupp
#3. Over, he is test driving the future Sutton mobile...a MINIVAN!
#4. Under, really depends on what happens friday night....I think Phil will be more interested in chili.
#5. Over, easily
#6. Over
#7. Over I hope
#8. Under

Zone Defense is for Pussies said...

you guys are renting a mini van? awesome!

EMoney said...

For those that will be sitting in the back of the minivan for the trip, baffoon wanted me to inform them that he is going to start the trip with the viewing of the 25th anniversary edition of Cinderella, followed by the trip's featured presentation of Finding Nemo. He also wanted me to inform everyone that snacks will NOT be included with the presentations so special requests for juice boxes and fruit snacks should be taken care of by each individual party. Enjoy!