Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Show Must Go On!

Regardless of what happened last night, we need to remember that there is still basketball to be played. I realize that we have taken a major hit to our battleship, but we are not sunk yet, so I thought I would make an attempt to right our ship and figure out a solution to our problem.......afterall, we aren't the only team in the nation to have an injury issue. So what is my solution you ask? You guessed it.....Chris Otule! (J/K, that was for comedic affect) The first thing that a coach will usually say when posed with this quandry is, "we need other guys to step up". Absolutely! While Mo Acker isn't exactly capable of filling Dom's shoes, he does need to step in and distribute the ball while not turning it over, and hit the occassional jumper when it presents itself. Not a tall order by any stretch of the imagination (Afterall, he was the freshman of the year in his conference before he transferred).

In my opinion, the biggest jump is going to have to come from Lazar. Now Lazar isn't exactly underperforming this year, but considering he is going to be the go to guy next year, what better time to get a jump start on that by fine tuning his offensive game and stepping his overall game up a bit over these last 3-4 weeks.

Others might say that "Legs" is going to have to shoulder much of this, and I agree to an extent. I just don't believe that he has the confidence to really step up at this point. I will say that I was impressed with his fearlessness last night. He wasn't afraid to take it strong at Thabeet and I believe statistically it was his best game as a Golden Eagle. So I guess I shouldn't rule Legs out.

Anyhow, rather than sulking over our loss, I figured we need to look down the road and discuss any possibility of success that this team might still have. We've got a tough game on Sunday. I doubt that we will win that game, but as they always say....."That's why they play the game". Let's go MU! Let's go Otule!


FPMKE said...

Thanks E-money!

Rubie Q said...

I'd like to get on board the train. I really would. Unfortunately, my grief has transformed from "blind, white-hot rage" to "endless despair."

Check back with me tomorrow.