Monday, February 16, 2009

Stuff White People Like

One of my homework assignments for this week was to review the website: I would highly suggest spending a few minutes flipping through this blog. What is better than stereotyping white people?

Things that I enjoyed:
Ugly sweater parties
Black music that black people don't listen to anymore
Promising to learn a new language
Frisbee Sports
Appearing to enjoy classical music
Comparing things to Hitler
Menus with no decimal places
Having Gay friends

But the best part was Wrigley Field...where I quote:
"Also many white people listen to Jim Croce (whom most think is black) and the perception of most non-Chicago people (the majority of Cubs fans) of the Windy city is through the song “Bad. bad, Leroy Brown”

Well the south side of chicago
Is the baddest part of town
And if you go down there
You better just beware
Of a man named leroy brown

This is one of the main reasons why people do not venture to watch the Chicago White Sox. They are located on the South Side which is viewed as the “baddest part of town” where of course black people named “Leroy” live."

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FPMKE said...

You have to get well past US Comiskular before you have any issues with the South Side. 63rd & Woodlawn is a fun neighborhood. I wouldn't suggest traveling to Markham after dark without a flak jacket but there's a great rib place there.