Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tan Tommy Wins! Still 11th in the Big 10.

And a special congrats to Tan Tommy this morning on his first Big 10 win against conference powerhouse Iowa.

Upon winning Coach Crean jumped up and down on the scorer's table screaming "It's Indiana bitches! It's Indiana! Booyah! In your face! I told you I was a legitimate coach and could make this shit happen!"

At the press conference following the game, Crean was animated downing multiple diet Pepsis and providing plenty of sound bites. "It only took 8 conference losses but I knew it would come eventually" said Crean when asked about his first Big 10 victory. Questioned about his plans for after the game, Crean stated "I'm going to go home and stick it in Joanie. She's a Harbaugh you know!".

Despite the loss, Iowa's Todd Lickliter remained relatively upbeat. "What can I say, we looked like a bunch of idiots out wandering about" said Lickliter "but that's what we are." Referencing his teams standing in the Big 10 Lickliter added "At the end of the day, I'm satisfied that we're still on top."

Indiana, riding the wave of a huge victory over Iowa, next faces Michigan State, coached by Crean's mentor Tom Izzo. Asked about prepping the team to face Michigan State Crean stated, "I'm going to take all of those guys to LA Tan for a little R & R. It was hard earned victory and they deserve it. As for Michigan State, we've dodged this bullet so long," Crean said "Well, here it is. So nine games in, we're going to do it."


EMoney said...

While Iowa isn't exactly a powerhouse, I've got to give Crean credit. He's playing with what 5 or 6 scholarship players and a bunch of walk-ons. Some of his white boys can shoot!

Rubie Q said...

Fuck that. This whole fucking scene was pathetic. Taking a victory lap after beating fucking IOWA AT HOME? Crean taking a microphone at half court post-game and thanking the fans? That's what Indiana basketball has been reduced to?

Zone Defense is for Pussies said...

not to mention they almost blew the lead...again!