Monday, February 2, 2009

Updated Expectations for This Year

All right clowns - question of the night or tomorrow:

How would you define success for this team? What BE record would you like to see and how far would you like to see us go in the BE and NCAA tournaments for this season to be considered a "success" on your own personal agenda.

BE Regular Season: 14-4 or better. This should be doable with games against DePaul, USF, St. John's and Seton Hall forthcoming

BET: Semi-final appearance. Get the double bye and win one game. I don't want to expend too much energy here. I'm sure I'll be pissed off if we lose in the semis like when I lost it at Zim's last year, but this is how I feel now

NCAA: Sweet 16 or further. The tourney is so tough, two wins would be fantastic, hopefully they come in Minneapolis, KC or Dayton

These are heady times. It's been a fun year, so let's keep the streak going and enjoy the ride! Destination: Greektown!!


Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

Regular season: I agree that 14 wins is very doable. It means not dropping any of the "wins" and then probably winning at Nova and beating Syracuse. I don't think the Fantastic 4 will let us lose a "win" (I really hope I didn't just screw us tonight).

BET: Just win one. That is all I hope. Don't tire yourself. I agree that I will probably pissed when they do lose after winning one, but that's how it goes.

NCAA: I really think this team is an Elite 8 team. Sweet 16 would be great, but I would probably be a little disappointed. I agree that the tourney is so tough, probably the toughest sporting even out there, but this team has been groomed for this year. I hope to use some "sick" days to head to Detroit.

EMoney said...

14-4 is realistic, but they can't drop any against the bottom 4 of the league.

I don't concern myself with the BE tourney that much. If we go 14-4, get a double bye and win 1 I'll be ok with that. I agree that I don't necessarily want them to make it to the championship game....although if they do get there, may as well win the damn thing.

NCAA - If this team continues to play at this level, anything less than a sweet16 would be a disappointment. I realize that the tourney is incredibly tough, but if we wind up with a 4 seed or better it would be disappointing to not make it out of the first weekend. Again, if they really are this good, I would expect an elite 8 run. And as I stated in a previous comment, I think the NCAA is down a bit this year so a final4 run is very possible with the right draw.

Rubie Q said...

They've already exceeded my

Remember, I'm the asshole who had them pegged at 9-9 before the Big East season started. So saying "they need to go at least 14-4" or "they need to make an Elite Eight" run would be revisionist history on my part.