Wednesday, February 11, 2009

VD Lessons from Sports Greats

First DWade is accused of passing around crazy STDs... then suddenly, it didn't quite happen that way... now Roberto Alomar is being accused of attempting to spread the super-AIDS he obtained after being raped by two men in New Mexico (cue "Everyone Has AIDS").

With Valentine's Day approaching, let this be a lesson to all Q@theB readers that "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned". Please do something nice for your sweeties... or at least keep your STDs to yourselves. I'd hate to end up reading about any of you on some other blogspot.


Rubie Q said...

Yeah, I saw that. How fucked up is that?

And did you read the complaint? The lady's saying that the dude looked like death warmed up, had cold sores and purple skin, and had to be wheeled to the airport ... but he says, "Naw, baby, I don't got the AIDS" and she says "Good enough for me!" and keeps banging away?

That ain't right.

FPMKE said...

That's totally fucked up. I still kind of wish that Wade's babies-mama had forced him to provide a list of all the bithces he's been banging.

Not that I'd be spreading the super-AIDS around but I prefer to keep the baby batter from causing any potential issues... and by issues, I mean baby FPMKEs... don't need that shit, yet. Wrap it up dude.