Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Appreciating James

Great Cracked Sidewalks post about James's defense this year in the Big East. I'll never forget him messing with Truck Bryant so much that Huggy benched him.

A semi-related link about using Sabermetrics for basketball. I wonder where Dom would score on this? The article is long, but very good. It was written by MoneyBall author Michael Lewis.


Zone Defense is for Pussies said...

its been 48 hours since the end of the Louisville game we haven't had any posts (aside from a drunk ramble that provided no insight as to the fun they were having) or pictures about the trip. I've heard rumors of a celebrity encounter and I was promised a blog post but have not gotten one. Must be a 48 hour hangover weekend or somethign.

FPMKE said...

I, too, have been eagerly awaiting Va Jay Jays alleged follow-up post.

Devil's Threesome said...

Sorry to disappoint. I guess you should have gone. I'm actually having major personal issues deciding which awesome story to write about first. The indecision is KILLING ME!!!

One apology to my fellow travelers - I just realized today that I had a perfectly good Playboy in my computer bag the whole time, yet I didn't share it with the group. That's terrible oversight. For that, please accept my sincerest apologies.

EMoney said...

Great article - As I stated in a post about 1 month ago, he is the best defender (by position) in the Big East. Thabeet blocks a ton of shots but it's usually on help defense.

A few added tidbits about the trip:

Best cheerleaders: University of Kentucky
Best Dance Squad: University of Lousiville; I'll go out on a limb and say that they're the best I've ever seen. That's backed up by the 7 national championship trophies
Best Celebrity Sighting: Pauly Shore
Best Bar: Sully's
Best Give-away: a Snuggie
Quote of the weekend: "You just won a F*CKING SNUGGIEEEE!!!!!"
Best Picture: See Sheets' phone
Most Intoxicated: D3....although Sheets' VaJ wasn't able to keep it down all night so maybe he wins
Best (or worst) Hangover: Sheets VaJ
Dumb Move of the weekend: Baffoon flushing an apple down the hotel toilet
Best Name: Louisiana
Biggest Rivalry: D3 vs Baffoon

Zone Defense is for Pussies said...

see...that wasn't too hard (that's what she said) and it was hillarious.

You are a Baffoon said...

Baffoon's Edited Version......

A few added tidbits about the trip:

Best cheerleaders: University of Kentucky...DITO...we have the pics to prove it.
Best Dance Squad: Two elderly looking people at Sully's were grinding on each other during "baby's got back" get's my vote.
Best Celebrity Sighting: Pauly Shore again, but a randomn Steve "The Homer" True comes in a close second, with George "My Neck is as thick as a Redwood" Koonce bringing up the rear.
Best Bar: Sully's...DITO...words really can't describe this place, great warm-up for Vegas.
Best Give-away: a Snuggie...I would have to disagree, the Woodford Distillery creates some mean Bourbon!!
Quote of the weekend: "You just won a F*CKING SNUGGIEEEE!!!!!" A close second would be...."Put on your F*CKING SNUGGIEEEE, you won it, now you wear it!!!"
Best Picture: See Sheets' phone...Agree here again.
Most Intoxicated: I will go with Sheets, his goo stains are still being cleaned up by house keeping
Best (or worst)Hangover: Baffoon wins this one, remember Chicago traffic does not last forever as well as the will to keep pounding Jameson and sours..."Don't peak too early!"
Near Dumb Move of the weekend: D3 attempting to coax Baffoon into a wrestling match...clearly he didn't ask Chayce about his experience beforehand.
Best Name: WEASAL...see best celebrity category
Biggest Rivalry: D3 vs Baffoon...not even close..totally agree.
Worst Injury: Sheets and D3 messing around with an ice scraper which ended up slamming into the eye-socket of Baffoon causing a black eye and bruised ego.

EMoney said...

My apologies Baffoon. You are correct with your hangover taking the cake. Nice work killing 8 beers right before you get in a grand caravan for a 6 hr drive.