Monday, March 9, 2009

Are we just not going to talk about it?

The Buffet has been extrememly quiet the last few days. I know the loss on Senior Day was rough but come on... not even a Rubie rant on the latest Mike Hunt mess about the Seniors?! A total failure to make light of the failed Eric Gagne experiment?


EMoney said...

I was thinking the same thing. I think that Saturday has realized our fear and finally answered the question of "how good are we now without Dominic james?". We were able to poo poo the issue after losing to 3 of the top 6 teams in the country, but losing to an inconsistent Syracuse team at home on Senior Day was my final nail in the coffin. Are we bad? No, not at all. My personal ranking would still put MU in the 20-28 range. However, after watching this class improve over their first 3 years and knowing that if they were still around for their senior year that they would be REALLY good, witnessing a 9-0 start in Big East play and 10ish national ranking, and then watching Dominic James, our floor general, suffer a college-career ending injury with 4 games to play in the season, and the eventual 4 game losing streak, one can't help but be extremely disappointed and overall a little bummed out because of it(sorry about that really long sentence).

To sum it up, to go from a legitimate Final Four contender to a likely 8ish seed and probable first or second round exit is simply deflating. As I discussed with some here after the game on Saturday, losing James crushed the possibilities of a long post-season run.....which sux for us as MU fans. However, I feel bad not because we are probably going to have an early exit in the tourney, but because the 3-amigos deserve much better. They have had horrible luck during their four years.....untimely injuries, Crean's inability to bring in any inside presence, and Crean's departure followed by transfers and decommitments. So it just sux to see it all end like this.....they deserve much much better.

EMoney said...

Furthermore, MU's steak of good luck continues due to the Seton Hall upset of Cincinnati on Saturday which means Marquette faces the winner of Georgetown and St.Johns on Wednesday. Neither of which is an ideal situation:

1. Georgetown has the potential to play pretty well and could very easily upset Marquette. This would be B.S. considering we have already beat them twice (yes I know it was without Dom).
2. Madison Square Garden is the home court for St.Johns, so they could very well have a large fan base in the 2nd round of the tourney which wouldn't exactly help our cause.

If we lose this game (regardless of who it is), I don't see Marquette receiving anything better than a 9 seed.