Friday, March 13, 2009

Because the Bible Tells Me So...

Yes, "The Fielding Bible" has verified what all have known for a long time, Rickie Weeks is a total fucktard!

My favorite miscue: Letting a ball roll under his glove or between his legs -- 9 times. I think even Ed Rooney would like to hear that repeated... 9 times... 9 times. The jig is up Rickie, your ass is mine.

A few suggestions made by Rob Neyer of are obvious. Alcides Escobar allows us a little freedom to make some adjustments and I've been a big fan of the possibility of shifting Hardy to accomodate Escobar and improve the infield. Also, if they are hell bent on keeping Rickie for his alleged major league ability, letting him try another position might not be a bad idea. Not sure how I feel about the suggestion of moving Braun to 1st base though; I guess his mobility would be an improvement over Prince.

That's all I got... here's a quick plug for that show at the Rave tomorrow night at 6pm. Balls! See ya soon!

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Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

Thanks for the plug. Can't wait to see ya tonight in the MKE.

We will rock the house and then drink lots of beer at my house.

Balls is correct.