Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bubble Burst - Cincinnati

Thanks for playing 'Nati and enjoy the NIT...you just got beat by (wait for it) DePaul and Ol' Gil himself. Does getting your first conference win of the year in the conference tourney save your job next year? Only time will tell.


EMoney said...

That definitely is entertaining. Congrats to Ol' Gus!

In other news, St.Johns is up 7 with 10 to play. I for one would rather play the Johnnies than G'town. Although now that I brought it up, I'm sure I just jinxed St.Johns and they will now blow it.

Anybody feel like jumping on a flight to New York tonight?

EMoney said...

Woohoo johnnies! Hopefully this wish doesn't come to bite me in the a**...ie. Burrell goes for 38 and 15 or something.

Reid You Animal! said...

Save his job!?!?! This will probably get Ol' Gil a contract extension. Just like that exhilarating NIT run a few years back.