Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Tom Crean!!

Happy 43rd birthday to Tom Crean! Feel free to leave a message for Crean in the comment section.


Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

Dear Tom,

Happy Birthday! Now, I'm sure that since this note is being sent to you from a Marquette fan and alum, you would expect a lot of cursing and threats hurled your way. I will not do that. I actually want to thank you for leaving. Since you left we put a man in charge of our team that actually seems to know how to coach during a basketball game. Sure, he needs to work on his time out calling a bit, but this guy can outcoach you any day. It's also weird that he got more out of ALL of his players in one season than you got out of some of them in three. Funny how that works.

Sure, it would have been nice to have held on to Ty Taylor and possibly Williams, but oh well. At least we got rid of that one headcase Mbakwe.

So, Tom, may this day in that craphole of a state that you now call home treat you with the kind of respect and admiration you thought you would get when you moved to It's Indiana, It's Indiana. Oh, and I also hope you get some cool new tanning bed goggles.

Much Love,
Sheets' Va Jay Jay

Rubie Q said...

Heyyyy Birthday Boy!

Miss you! Stop by some time when you're back in town!

The Diet Pepsi Vending Machine in The Al

Devil's Threesome said...

Happy birthday Tommy,

I want to thank you for paving the way to my NCAA tournament berth this year. Without your two automatic wins, we may have been on the wrong side of the bubble. I will also heartily enjoy beating your ass twice a year now.

Sincerely yours,
Bo "The Mortician" Ryan

Devil's Threesome said...


Can you send me some more sexy picture texts? I lmao after the last one. You know how I like length. I also really enjoy your toughness. You do need some more guys who can score the ball. Did you know I'm a lawyer? lol!

cu l8r,
Jay Bilas

Devil's Threesome said...

Dear Son-in-law,
Can you get me a job? I never made much as a football coach, my 401k took a dive and need cash to see my more successful sons coach in the NFL. I bring a lot to the table. I really like to wave like a mentally challenged kid, so I'm great at public relations. I can help out with the football team and give the boosters a pep talk if/when you ever make the tournament again.
I'm begging you,
Jack Harbaugh

FPMKE said...

Dear Tommy,

You left couple curlies and a sticky spot on me this morning. I don't care if it's your birthday; that was sick.

See you in a few hours,
Tanning Bed

Rubie Q said...


Thanks for not recruiting a serviceable big man during the four years the Three Amigos played at Marquette.

Kind regards,

The rest of the Big East