Sunday, March 15, 2009


I don't know who the fuck Utah State is, nor do I know where their school is located (though I'm sure DS3 will enlighten us in 8.3 seconds), but I do know that they'll likely bring a fuckload of Mormons to Boise.

Wait ... uh oh ... I hope I was wrong about that conclusion.

Aw, fuck it. I like it. I watched PAC 10 basketball in spurts all week. Having done so, I can safely proclaim that no team outside our conference scares me.

We're battled tested. We're ready. We've got Coach Dom emulating Coach Lance from Varsity Blues.



You are a Baffoon said...

So since I'm off of school until March 30th, I am your randomn facts guy for the next two weeks and here is an extensive list of important athletes from "THE" Utah State in Logan, Utah.

F — Wayne Estes (1963-65) 1st Team AP All American (1965).
G - Jaycee Carroll(2004-08) All-Time Leading Scorer.

[edit] Football
OG — Jim Hough (1974-77)... 2nd team AP All-America (1977)/9 years in NFL.
OT — Len Rohde (1957-59)... Two-time all-Skyline Eight/15-year NFL career.
WR — Tom Forzani (1970-72)... Was USU receiving leader at end of his career.
WR — Kevin Curtis (2001-02)... All-American 3rd Team (2001)/USU receptions leader at end of his career.
TE — Chris Cooley (2000-03)... Led NCAA in TE receptions as a senior / NFL Pro Bowl (2007).
QB — Eric Hipple (1976-79)... All-Pacific Coast/10-year NFL career.
QB — Anthony Calvillo (1992-93)... Team record 5 TD passes in one game/15-year CFL career.
DL — Merlin Olsen (1959-61)... Two-time All-American/Outland Trophy(1961)/15-time NFL All-Pro.
DL — Rulon Jones (1976-79)... First-team All-American (1979), 1986 AFC Defensive Player of the Year.
DL — Lionel Aldridge (1960-62)... Hon. Men. All-American (1962)/NFL 11 years with two Super Bowls.
DL — Greg Kragen (1980-83)... One Pro Bowl, three Super Bowls in NFL
DL — Phil Olsen (1967-69)... Consensus All-American (1969), HM All-America (1968)/first round draft pick/ 9 NFL seasons
LB — Al Smith (1984-86)... BWC Defensive Player of the Year (1986)/Two-time honorable mention All-America
LB — LaVell Edwards (1949-51)... All-Mountain States (1950), College Hall of Fame football coach with BYU.
DB — Donnie Henderson (1978-79)... All-Big West/NFL assistant coach.

Notice the severe lack of basketball greats. If we were playing football, I would be pretty tenative, however since its a b-ball game we are talking about I like our chances on Friday...should be fun!!

Zone Defense is for Pussies said...

so continuing with the Varsity Blues references, OToole must be Billy Bob and as the game comes to a close OToole goes up to coach dom and says "put me in...we'll block it.".

Devil's Threesome said...

It's Otule!!!!!

I like this draw. The selection committee really rewarded the Big East.

Tons of conspiracy theorists are out there bitching how the NCAA screwed the little guy. Well, I'm a Creighton fan and they didn't play a SINGLE team in the Top 25 and they were blown out by Illinois St in the MVC tourney. They really can't complain. St Mary's wasn't competitive against Gonzaga in the WCC final either. Arizona's inclusion was puzzling as was the Big 11 getting 4 of the "last 6 in" selections.

EMoney said...

D3 - Agreed. I think that this is the best job that the committee has done in recent memory. Maybe it was due to the overall mediocrity of teams this year. I highlight how all year the Big East was hailed as the premier conference, and the committee actually rewarded those Big East teams that got in.

I too like our chances against Utah State....Furthermore, I think we have a great shot at upsetting Missouri in the 2nd round. Cracked Sidewalks has a good article that discusses the requirement of a minimum of 3-NBA caliber players as a requirement for tournament success. Marquette still has 3 in Jerel, Wes, and Lazar while Utah St. has MAYBE 1 and Missouri 1 or 2 at the most. Historical data supports this theory, so it will be interesting to see how it holds up in our case.

EMoney said...

BTW - Excellent research baffoon