Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I love the Big East. I hate the Big East

Thank god this 3 game stretch is finally over. I didn't start watching until 18 min's to play in the 2nd half, and apparently (no shock to anyone) I was the bad luck charm as a 6 pt lead went to a 20pt deficit in about 10 minutes. Sorry guys! Anyhow, we now HAVE TO beat Syracuse on Saturday to have any credibility left with the loss of Dominic James. Not that there are any Dominic James haters here, but I say to all of those "Marquette fans" that booed Dom at the BC.....Are you happy now? Not much to say. The 3 game murderers row is over at least and we can concentrate on winning/playing at home and entering the post season. It's unreal that I look forward to getting into the NCAA tournament so we don't have to face the Beasts From the East. My Lord! I'd love to play a Purdue/Miami/Arizona right now. Dicky V said tonight that this year's Big East was the best conference he's ever seen. It's hard to disagree. Well, hard to be really disappointed after losing at #4 Pittsburgh. See you guys Saturday at the BC. Let's kick that wiener Devendorf's ass!


Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I love that you called Devendorf a wiener. I really hate that guy. I dislike several guys in the Big East, but I really truly hate Devendorf.

Devil's Threesome said...

Can't wait until you are in town E. Is the Babboon coming out this weekend? I need to reinstate the rivalry.

EMoney said...

The babboon will not be joining us. He is under house arrest and is only allowed to leave to go to church to repent for his actions during the roadtrip.

I on the other hand will be attending pre-game mass at Historic Turner Restaurant at ~11:00 am on Saturday morning. So if anyone would like to join me I will be located near the northeast corner of the bar. Come on MU!

Devil's Threesome said...

I will be there and I will bring the Kleenex.