Tuesday, March 10, 2009

JS actually allows good writing?

I know this sounds ridiculous, but the folks over at JS actually allow good writing to reach the masses.

Since I don't read much of JS since I think it is crap, I'm not familiar with the work of Garry D. Howard. Based on this article, maybe I should read him more often.

I saw this link in the sports section of JS Online: Howard: Character held seniors together.

I thought, "This better be about Marquette." Who else could they be writing about and speaking highly of a senior class? I was very pleased when I clicked on the link and saw a picture of Matthews and McNeal.

Below are some excerpts. I think it is good.

Jerel McNeal, Dominic James, Wesley Matthews and Dwight Burke will never again dress up in those wonderful Marquette University home uniforms and display their  characteristic verve on the Bradley Center court before one of the more enthusiastic collegiate crowds in the nation.
That bus has left the building.

Is this the best written opening ever? No, but it is well done I think. MikeHunt wishes he could write this well. I liked that he called it their characteristic verve.

But before all the speculation about what they can accomplish in the postseason on their way out MU's doors, let's take a moment to reflect on their four years as the leading men on campus.

Thank you Mr. Howard. Someone that is not talking about them falling on their face without James. It's about time someone looks at the fact these four guys are great human beings on and off the court.

What you will not read here is a recitation of NCAA violations, academic failures, arrests, wild nights or any other madness that you read well before March with some regularity in connection with college athletics.

This has to be a shot at the rodents, doesn't it? I mean, who else is he talking about?

He then goes on for a bit with some drivel from an interview with Judas. We'll skip that part.

Together, they have amassed 92 victories, sixth all-time in MU's storied history.
That includes four straight seasons of 10 or more victories in the Big East along with four straight NCAA appearances (well, it will be four in just a few minutes).

This gets lost in the shuffle all the time. It's been awhile since a class has taken us to the dance four years in a row. Sure, we would have liked to have seen more than one win there, but it is awesome getting there. And, the reason we got bumbed two of those years was because one guy had a career night and Jerel was hurt the other.

"It's the feeling you have when you have warriors, and that is what they are, warriors." . . .
Warriors with college degrees, dignity and class.
Enough said.

Okay... so he called them warriors. I'll live with is since I like this article. I also like that he says with degrees (all 4 will graduate), dignity (this does apply), and class (I've never seen more class from 4 guys... sure they beat their chests and yell, but who else goes over and consoles a senior who just fouled out in the tournament, who restrains themselves from choking Bobby Gonzalez?).


I hope that this guy writes more stuff like this. I could be way off and he might be a total hack, but I doubt it. I might actually pay more attention to JS now... but probably not.

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Zone Defense is for Pussies said...

i saw this as well and was going to type a similar rubie anit-rant because it was very well written and there's not a hint of negatvitiy toward MU...maybe the editors over there finalized realized they should write a nice piece about the amigos.