Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Last Play

I just saw the last play of the MU/Nova game this afternoon, and all I can say is: What the fuck Jerel?!?!? Look, I understand that he's a gambling defender that likes to drift off his own guy to try to make a play and I accept that. I know that's part of what makes him the player he is, even though sometimes it bites us in the ass. But where the hell was he going on that play? He takes a stutter step to his right, towards the 3 point arc... where there is no one to guard. I have watched the play ad nauseum and I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what he was doing there. The only thing I can even guess, is that he thought the guy behind him was drifting to the wing. Either that or he had 'Nova on the money line. If he had stepped up to double the guy with the ball and then he dished for the winning bucket, ok, I can understand that. If he had stayed home and the dude gets by Butler and gets it up and in for the win, I can understand that too. I don't like it in any scenario, but at least in those cases I can kind of understand. But to drift to nowhere, to guard no one just leaves me shaking my head. To see a lapse like that, at a time like that just makes it even tougher to swallow.

That being said, I still think we're worthy of a 6 seed based on our body of work. We played a universally agreed 3 seed, dead even, on a neutral court. Now, I know we won't get that, but I still feel like we've earned that. Maybe I'm biased, I don't know. That W would've really helped the cause. Damn.


EMoney said...

I went back and watched the last 6 minutes as well. Heartbreaking, but you have to like the fight in these guys. They could have mailed it in after losing James, but they still think that they can win every game and they go out and the court and show it.

In regards to the last play, I think that Jerel thought that there wasn't enough time for the guy to get a pass off and eventual shot. I think that Jerel thought that the guy was going to shoot that fadeaway, so he just inched in that direction....which opened up the backdoor cut and great pass. It was an unfortunate break, but Nova made a great play. They moved the ball looked for the best shot and eventually got it in the nic of time...which is more than we can say when we have the ball in those situations (ie. 1 guy winding the clock at the top of the key and then jacking up a contested 3 at the buzzer).

On a positive about Jimmy Butler! He is the epitome of lunch pail guy on this team. He crashes the boards like crazy, protects the ball, completely plays within himself, and knocks down ft's when he goes to the stripe. Kudos to him!

I do have to disagree with you however. No way are we a 6 seed! I predict an 8-9. Yes, by far we have played the toughest schedule over the last 2-3 weeks on a national scale and while we are 1-5 in that stretch we have played these teams tough. Unfortunately, the committee doesn't tend to look at close losses. I foresee them looking at MU as, they are 1-5 without their PG so they simply are not nearly as drop them down. Furthermore, when has Marquette ever been given a favorable seed or benefit of the doubt? Every year it seems that we end up 1 seed lower than what we expect. It's unfortunate, but it is what it is. I hope we just go out there and prove our worthiness and make it out of the 1st weekend.

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I never got to see the last play in real time. With 40 seconds to go the Badger fan bastards at Time Warner decided to do a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. How long did this test last? Exactly 40 seconds of game time. As soon as they got back from it, all that was on the TV was a picture of James in total disbelief. I've never uttered so many profanities in a Catholic school library before in my life.

I still haven't seen MU's last possession.

I would have loved another shot at UL. This tourney is crazy. All conference tournaments are crazy. How many top seeds went down yesterday? Just nuts. I love March Madness. I can't wait to be sick next week Thursday and Friday. I'll have to get better by watching basketball and drinking beer.

Rubie Q said...

Three thoughts:

(1) Don't spend any time trying to figure out what 'Rel was thinking, because it's clear that he wasn't thinking when he made that move. He got caught watching the ball and just brainlocked. That's all there is to it.

(2) I don't think a different outcome to this game would have effected our seeding. Coming in, it seemed to be the consensus that we were a 7 seed. If we beat 'Nova, maybe we get moved up to a 6, but we'd get knocked down a line because Dom is out. So we're still a 7.

(3) That said, I don't much care what our seed is. Have you looked at the other teams in the 8-12 range? It's garbage. I saw part of the Arizona State - Arizona game yesterday, and they're both junk. And we showed yesterday we can run with the top dogs on a neutral court. Think about this possibility: a seven seed w/ Michigan State as the No. 2. Fuck and yes. Sign me up.