Monday, March 23, 2009

MikeHunt Gets Company.

I'm sorry, Va Jay Jay -- I don't care if you know this guy or not. Todd Welter is an asshole. He just put up this tripe on the SportsBubbler page (and I apologize in advance for the length of this post):

We the people, of the Marquette gold alumni sweater vest, find Dominic James, Jerel McNeal and Wesley Matthews (sadly and not by choice) guilty of being overhyped.

Dickface: please don't use words like "we" when you write. It implies that you're speaking on behalf of people who aren't you. And I think I can safely state this, as a member of the "Marquette gold alumni sweater vest" contingent: if somebody is going to be speaking on our behalf, it sure as shit isn't going to be you.

Their sentence is a not good enough legacy, no matter how many big regular season wins are on the trio’s resume.

This is akin to saying: "John McCain is a shitty politician because he didn't win the presidential election. Sure, he's been a Senator for-freaking-ever, and he's one of the most influential people in Washington -- but he lost in November, so he's a hack." Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I'd rather judge someone based on the entirety of his body of work rather than on a singular event (especially when that event happened ... yesterday).

Yes, their character was taken into account but this trio could not even do things that Damon Key, Rob [sic] Logeterman [sic], and Tony Miller could do.

I didn't realize that Robb Logterman led Marquette to 43 Big East regular season wins (plus another 4 in the Big East Conference Tournament), top-6 finishes in the Big East every year, finished as the leading scorer in Marquette history, took the team to four consecutive tournaments ... all while playing without an even semi-competent big man. That Logterman was a hell of a player!

No Sweet 16’s. Not even one Elite Eight! Heck, McNeal, Matthews, and James could not even deliver a .500 March record. So no matter who spins it, the numbers do not lie –the three of them were mediocre on judgment day. Point out all the Notre Dame wins you want, a lack of March wins seals a not great enough verdict.

For the very, very, very last time:

(1) Jean Felix.
(2) 'Rel out, Crean shits the sheets against his mentor.
(3) Miracle shot by 8-foot guy in overtime. 'Rel goes for 30.
(4) Blow-for-blow with a deep and talented (though pussy-ish) Mizzou team. 'Rel with 30, Wes with 24.

This is not 'spin.' These are 'facts.' I realize they get in the way of your argument, and I'm sorry for that, but ignoring them doesn't make your argument stronger.

Those three never delivered on a March glory promise. The three amigos came through in some big games but that glory only mattered in getting an NCAA invitation. Beat Duke in November, win the CBE and Great Alaskan Shootout, knock off the Panthers in late January at Pittsburgh, and beat Wisconsin in Madison are impressive feats but Air Jordan does not consider those feats legendary. Dwyane Wade did that type of stuff in a November week.

Dwyane Wade never beat Madison in Madison. Very few people beat Madison in Madison. I hate them, but give credit where credit's due -- Bucky is fucking tough at home. I consider that feat pretty damn impressive.

Oh, and also: Dwyane Wade lost to 12th-seeded Tulsa in the first round of the tournament in 2002.

Those three were supposed to bring a bunch of one shining moments instead we got more close enoughs than Phil Mickelson excluding actually having a big win.

Holy fuck. Is that supposed to be a sentence? Are you allergic to punctuation?

Enough salt in the wounds yet? Those three poured enough with two wins and enough would of, could of, should of, would ofs than Gary Busey. James, Matthews, and McNeal now define coming up short. Harsh words but it is criticism that must be showered down. The three of them showed big time promise on a January night when Steve Novak rained down 41 and those guys did enough to beat a really good UConn team. All we got from then on was some really good regular season wins and more heartbreak than Jennifer Aniston (anybody catching on to a repeating theme?).

If the theme is: "Your analogies suck," then, yes, I'm catching on quite nicely, thanks. What the fuck is the Gary Busey reference supposed to mean? I hope -- I pray -- that you were writing this while intoxicated.

They were talented, tough, and confident. It turns out they were just special players but not champions. The almost great guard triumvirate fought their hearts out in every game but it was never good enough to put meaningful banners in the Bradley Center. Right or wrong that is what those three are finally judged on.

Well, that's what they're judged on by morons like you and MikeHunt. The rest of us gold-sweater vested alumni recognize that the results of a six-game tournament aren't the alpha and omega of the Amigos' legacy.

Here's how I judge them: when 'Rel, Dom and Wesley first stepped on campus, Marquette basketball was in serious danger of fading back into irrelevance. Remember, the year before, we struggled to break 40 against WESTERN MICHIGAN AT HOME IN THE NIT. Marcus Jackson was playing point forward. We wasted two years of Travis Diener, and two years of Steve Novak. We were picked at the bottom of the Big East, and it was almost-universally agreed that, along with South Florida, Rutgers, Seton Hall, and DePaul, we'd serve as appetizers for the likes of UConn and Pitt and 'Cuse and Louisville. Instead of worrying that Crean would leave, some of us were growing more concerned that he wouldn't leave, ever.

Now, compare that to where we are now. Do we get recruits like Maymon and Cadougan and Buycks and Roseboro and Williams (and Taylor, even though he ultimately bailed) without those three? Is Marquette on Jamil Wilson's short list without Dom, 'Rel, and Wesley? Hell, is Tom Crean at Indiana without Dom, 'Rel, and Wesley? I say no.

Those three would be the first to admit that almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Oh by the way, those three have to deal with this criticism because they can not hide behind the fact that they played four years for next to nothing while this school made millions. The last game means they are now pros and sadly they can not hide by a character that could leave an example for the next seven generations of students. Those guys did not win enough when it mattered most even though the three of them will graduate on time and leave a campus better people than those that hold public office.

Let me get this straight: they have to deal with your misguided criticism (not that any of them have hidden from this type of shit before -- maybe you missed 'Rel patiently answering questions for an hour last night) "because they can not [sic] hide behind the fact that they played four years for next to nothing while this school made millions." I'm not great at logic, but there's no causal connection there. Saying that they have to deal with the criticism because they can't not deal with the criticism (it hurt my head just to write that) ... well, I guess that's about on par with the rest of this shit. You're nothing if not consistent, Todd Welter.

Maybe it was because those guys just never executed when it mattered most.

Again, for emphasis: 'Rel with 30 last night, Wesley with 24 and 7, after 'Rel scored 30 last year against Stanford.

Let’s be honest without Steve Novak, the three of them were more maddening than Alice in Wonderland down the stretch.

Or as maddening as trying to read a "column" by Todd Welter.

Look, bag o' dicks, when you get down to it, the fact that you chose to use 1000 words to mindlessly attack three 22-year-olds who did nothing but represent your alma mater with the utmost dignity, one of whom who wanted nothing more than to play one last game with his brothers-in-arms despite the fact that his foot is still broken, and the other two who did everything humanly possible to win that March game that means so damn much to you -- well, I think it says a lot more about you, and what a pathetic little miscreant you are, than it does about them.

Get fucked, Todd Welter.


Devil's Threesome said...

You know who Todd Welter is? He's the MU alum that everyone wants an MU alum to be. Spoiled, entitled and a whiny little bitch. He's that asshole at the Bradley Center booing Dominic James. He's that fucker that wears dress shirts to a Saturday game. He's that fuckwad who gives away his second MU-UW ticket to a Badger fan and then talks about how Bo Ryan is a great coach. He left before this year's Senior Day ceremonies. He's never been to an MU NIT game. He's from Illinois. He's a Cubs fan. He was in a frat.

EMoney said...

Well done Rubie!

Early front runner for QB rebuttal of the year award.

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

He's actually a White Sox fan.

Close enough for now(no offense Gunt).

He is now considered a cackling douche!

Devil's Threesome said...

He is a fetus-faced douchebag!

Zone Defense is for Pussies said...

I think this needs to be sent to douchbag todd and posted on the marquette message boards because its priceless.

Zone Defense is for Pussies said...

plus-I can't wait for his artcile on Bucky...Krabby had 0 points yesterday...0 points in his finale with wisconsin.

Reid You Animal! said...

WOW!! I have no idea who the hell this dude is or where he came from, but I suddenly have the urge to kill him very slowly and very painfully. I can't believe anyone this side of Mike Hunt could write something this asinine. And to find out it's an MU grad, someone who professes to be a FAN!?!?!? I can't even fathom that. If I were any angrier I might spontaneously combust.