Friday, March 27, 2009

More Predictions!!

Friday Night
Arizona vs Louisville
Arizona is talented - Budinger, Wise and Hill, but they drop off considerably after that. Look for UL to wear down Arizona and come away with a workmanlike 78-66 win. TWill will stuff the stat sheet again and Earl Clark will take at least 2 stupid-ass shots

Syracuse vs Oklahoma
What an interesting matchup. Onuaku/Jackson/Ongenot (sp?) vs Griffin should be interesting, but the backcourt matchup is the most important. Willie Warren will have to come to play. Ultimately, OU's youth in the backcourt will be their undoing. Devendorf will annoy and Flynn will look sexy in a 79-75 Syracuse victory.

Kansas vs Michigan St
Will Tyshawn Taylor drive another stake into the heart of MU fans everywhere? MSU rolled KU in East Lansing earlier this year and I like them again in this game. They have more experience and more difference makers. Cole Alrich vs Goran Suton - can you imagine two more ugly players guarding each other. Michigan St win in front of the partisan Big 11 crowd 73-66.

Gonzaga vs North Carolina
Welcome to the big boys' table Gonzaga. Enjoy your salisbury steak and head back to mid-major land with your asses in your hands. UNC wins big, 92-74

Villanova vs Pitt
In a game fit for the BET quarterfinals, Villanova and Pitt square off for a Final Four appearance. I am totally torn on this one. When in doubt, go for the better defensive, congrats Pitt, you just made your first Final Four. Sam Young goes off and Pitt wins 73-67.

Missouri vs UConn
Rinse and repeat on my UConn-Purdue prediction. UConn will really miss Dyson, but Missouri will be doomed by FT's. First, they won't attempt many and then they won't make the ones they attempt. Again, Missou's half court defense will be atrocious and Thabeet will have a field day without ever dribbling. UConn wins 84-77.


Rubie Q said...

I was going to say that I think 'Cuse has the big bodies to go right at Griffin and try to get him into early foul trouble. Then I looked at Griffin's game logs -- he's only fouled out of a game once this year (vs. Arkansas), and had 4 fouls in three others games.

Now, I don't watch all that much Big 12 ball, so I can't say for sure if any of the teams in that league could throw waves of 6'10" guys at Griffin -- but I think 'Cuse should try.

That said, Devo will probably put up 4 three-point attempts in the first five minutes of the game.

I think Jonny Flynn is probably my favorite non-Marquette Big East player. I'd LOVE to see him in a Bucks uniform next year.

Devil's Threesome said...

I'd LOVE to see him in a Bucks uniform next year - especially if it's as tight as the Cuse jerseys. Grrr!

No one in the Big 12 has the bodies up front like Cuse. Griffin didn't play against Aldrich so we can't judge there. Bottom line, the Big 12 was down this year. Willie Warren is the key.

Rubie Q said...

Haven't seen enough of Warren to comment intelligently on him. What's his game?

EMoney said...

Upset special - Syracuse over Oklahoma! Syracuse has been playing as well as anyone in the country over the last 3 weeks. While Griffin is the best player on the court, Syracuse has enough big bodies to throw at him for 40 min's. Difference is GUARD PLAY! I'll take Johnny Flynn, Devendorf, and Rautins over.....ahhhh.....their good FRESHMAN Willie Warren. Flynn goes off to nobody's surprise. Cuse by 8.

I actually think that Gonzaga hangs with UNC. UNC has dropped off a bit since Ty Lawson's injury. UNC wins but it's not a rout.

Mich St. vs. Kansas - Im going with Mich St in a close one although I'm rooting against anyone and everything Big10 related.

Arizona vs Louisville - Agreed. UoL's inconsistent outside shooting allows Arizona to stay within reach. Louisville's superior depth and talent eventually takes over. Louisville by 8.

EMoney said...

Warren is a hek of a player. If not for Tyreke Evans might be freshman of the year nationally. I believe he's 6'2 to 6'3ish, can play both the point and shooting guard positions. Similarly built to James.....strong and athletic (although not quite as athletic as Dom). He can take it to the rack, but also shoot the outside jumper.

Like many other guards, Warren actually had Marquette on his "short" list (when it was cut to like 12 schools). Too bad....again.

Rubie Q said...

Thanks, E. Sounds like Flynn (and Devo) vs. Warren should be entertaining as hell.

Devil's Threesome said...

Warren can be a deadly shooter. He dropped over 30 on Iowa St. I know, Iowa St, but he's provided more scoring balance for them this year. That being said, he's a freshman...

Agree 100% your Cuse assessment E.

I just don't buy into Gonzaga. Remember, they got ROLLED, at home, versus your hated Memphis Tigers.

I can't finish 1st in the pool, so I'm 1) rooting against the Big 11 2) Rooting for the Big East 3) listening for Raf's "Onions! Double Order!"

EMoney said...

I see your point D3, referring to Gonzaga, but I'm not picking them to win just to keep it close. I think that UNC goes as Ty Lawson goes. With an injured Lawson out there, they simply are not the same team. Pargo might actually win this matchup. Further, UNC is NOT good defensively. They weren't good defensively even with Lawson (Unlike Memphis). The Zags can score so that could be a problem for UNC. Provided Hansbrough doesn't get the "Golden Boy" treatment out there, thus getting Heytvelt into foul trouble, I think Gonzaga can keep this a game for 35 min's. Lawson comes up big in the closing minutes to seal UNC's trip to the elite 8 and knocking out the final mid major once again. Thank you come again!

If Raf says "nickel/dimer" one more time I am going to find where he lives and hit him with a sock full of nickels and dimes. That'll teach him.

Rubie Q said...


EMoney said...

By the way, Nova has a great shot at beating Pitt tomorrow. Pitt has not looked like the same Pitt team this last week. Xavier is a good team, but Pitt should have rolled and nearly lost that game last night. Pitt still sleep's hard to just turn it on. On the other hand, Nova is playing really well and coming off of a 23 point drubbing of Vitale's beloved Dukies. For all of the flack that Marquette takes (locally) for not performing well in March.....Duke is loaded with 4 and 5 star recruits every year, and they've only won like 4 tourney games over the last 3 years.

Devil's Threesome said...

Agree E, Pitt-Nova game was very tough to call. Nova ripped a great defensive team in UCLA. Pitt is also a great defensive team, but the rub is that UCLA can't throw the ball into the ocean and Pitt is very efficient offensively because they rebound like fiends.

Maybe it's me, but Pitt never looks great (except in the 2nd half vs MU), but they get the job done. That's b/c they rebound and play defense so freaking well. It will be a fun game to watch. A Big East tussle in formerly Big East country.