Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pitt Game

Anyone want to meet up for the Pitt game? I don't know where - maybe Zim's or Goolsby's? I am still impressed with Goolsby's wings the last time I was there.

Also - predictions? This game would be tough as hell with James. Without James, we won't be dominant enough in the backcourt to offset the disadvantage in the front court. Pitt over MU by the score of 78-65.


EMoney said...

3 thoughts:

1. We're always competitive against Pitt and have faced and beat them without a star player before.
2. For some reason while we are completely undersized compared to most Big East teams, we have not been dominated by big men. Last year Blair was a complete nonfactor against us scoring only in the single digits twice. I have no explanation for this.
3. Jerel can't possibly play as bad as he did on Sunday. Can he?

It's a tough call. We should lose this game, but considering we played tough against UConn in spite of what Pat Forde claimed as UConn's best offensive game of the season, and lost at Louisville by 4 in spite of our star player missing 14 of 17 (or whatever it was), I can't help but feel that we might be able to pull it out somehow. If Jerel can put up a par performance, it should be a close game. My biggest concern is Sam Young......those skilled wings always kill us.

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I would love to eat some Goolsby's wings, but I have volleyball tonight. Can't make it down.

Zone Defense is for Pussies said...

I say we win...don't bite on the Sam Young pump fake and we win! I'll go with 72-68. Rel and Wes both have huge nights.

EMoney said...

Has anyone else been getting "duplication errors" when writing in the comments section?

EMoney said...

Let me try this again....

This game is HUGE! With the James injury, the public's perception of this team seems to have dropped off a bit (understandable), so we really need to get back on the horse and get a W here. Currently, that weasel Lunardi has MU as a 5 seed playing Arizona......while Villanova, a team that has 1 more loss on the year than MU, 1 more loss in the Big East, and a team that we split with, is currently a 3 seed. B.S.! If we lose this game, I do not foresee us being anything higher than a 5 seed. Furthermore, if we lose this game we will likely not get the double bye in the Big East tournament and I predict will end up playing a team like G'town or Notre Dame....both teams that we could very easily lose to. That would be absolute disaster.

I see us losing by 8, 79-71....which makes the Syracuse game a MUST win. I hope I'm wrong.

When was the last time this team actually upset someone? Maybe we're due.

FPMKE said...

I'm watching it at Beer Bistro with GDJ, the Badger, the Doctor, and ARack... I have the option of drinking quality beers or $2 PBR cans. I'm nervous but I think we have a good chance of playing competitively and winning. If MU plays sucky, I'll have a really bad PBR hangover tomorrow. Who am I kidding?! After couple Delerium Tremens, I'll be f'd.

No issues with double posts. Glad to see that the comment section format has returned to its former self.