Monday, March 16, 2009

Q@B's Brush With Greatness(ish)

Well, as you fellas may have heard, I am the guest commentator on all things Marquette hoops for Deadspin this week. Here's the column I just submitted - you get to read it here first!! This will be posted sometime this week. It will also include a link to our very own humble site. So...batten down the hatches, we could have some gremlins coming to the site. In the meantime, let's get some good content on here!!

More Dominic James Melodrama
The oft-maligned Dominic James was Marquette’s most important player, despite Doug Gottlieb-esque 46% free throw shooting. In his absence, opponents are shooting 49% and point guards are pouring in nearly 20 ppg. Watch how Marquette’s defense holds up, particularly Maurice Acker, against dribble penetration and fighting through high screens. Marquette will rarely go over a high screen, increasing their vulnerability to a hot shooting guard (paging A.J. Price). On offense, MU misses Nic’s ability to finish on the break and his dribble penetration. End of game execution is also a question mark as James was the clear go-to guy in tough situations.

No Longer on Jay Bilas’ Speed Dial
Marquette rushed to hire assistant Brent “Buzz” Williams after national media darling Tom Crean left a talented group of seniors to coach a student manager, Timmy Lupus and Ollie at Indiana,. A Texan through and through, Buzz guzzles gallons of sweet tea in between dips. He is brutally, sometimes uncomfortably, honest with the media, even revealing that Lazar Hayward is two inches shorter than listed. His penchant for not calling timeouts, ever, has driven MU fans crazy. The future looks bright after reeling in a Top 20 class for 2009-2010. Look for Buzz to try some junk defenses to throw off the opposition. A 1-3-1 was effective against plodding Wisconsin and a small lineup with 6’5” Wesley Matthews playing the five helped defeat Providence and Notre Dame.

Your choice on these two – the latter may be too personal, but still tragic/funny.
Jimmy Legs!
Everyone knows Marquette is short, but the rebounding has to come from somewhere. A key X-factor down low is 6th man Jimmy “Legs” Butler. The 6’6” forward has come out of no where after signing in April. He has averaged 10 points and 7 boards over his past 6 games, including a 19 point effort in the Big East Tournament loss to Villanova.

It’s Like the Heidi Game…Without the Pigtails
Marquette-Villanova, Big East Tournament quarterfinals. MU fights back from a 16 point deficit and is up one, inbounding the ball with 40 seconds left. As soon as the ball in inbounded, the Milwaukee Time Warner cable czars switch over to the monthly, ear piercing Emergency Broadcast Signal. After an interminable wait, Time Warner switches back to the game just in time for Marquette fans to absorb the sight of the Villanova players splayed all over the floor celebrating their improbable victory. Thanks Time Warner – hello DirecTV!


Rubie Q said...

Great stuff, buddy. I hope they pick the "Heidi" game note.

Though I'm sure Va Jay Jay is dismayed that there isn't a snippet on Burke included.

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I know. How do you not mention Burke once. I'm going to have to write a whole preview just about him.

I love the Jimmy Legs bit though. Too good.

EMoney said...

Nicely done! Although I am surprised that you didn't include anything about the next coming of Bo Outlaw.....Chris Otule.

Rubie Q said...

E: It's St. Patrick's Day. For today, and today only, he can be "O'Toole" or "O'Tule," whichever you prefer.

FPMKE said...

Dispensation... thanks Rubes.

EMoney said...

I've been waiting for this day for 6 months now!