Sunday, March 29, 2009

Really, Louisville?

Really? We're 40 minutes away from re-naming the Final Four the Big East Invitational. The only way you can possibly lose to Michigan State is to stop moving without the ball, junk your offense, and let TWill and Earl Clark go one-on-one the whole game long. And that's exactly what you did.

As Jim Calhoun would say: "Gahd dah-mit."

Now, before all the Big Ten apologists start crowing about Sparty's trip to the Final Four, ask yourselves this question:

How's the fourth-place team in your conference doing? Looks like you had a few ties there. And what's that you say? One of the teams that finished tied for third didn't even make the tournament? Wow.

Yeah, our fourth-place team is gassing up the plane for Detroit. (Watch out for the abandoned skyscrapers, 'Nova.)

Help yourself to a warm glass of Shut The Fuck Up.


EMoney said...

Talk about doing a complete 180. Louisville goes from looking like the best team in college basketball on friday night to getting spanked by MichSt 1.5 hours away from UoL. Something tells me that the Cardinal nation will be happy to see Earl Clark leave for the NBA. He chucks up soooo many unnecessary shots every game. How does Pitino not have a better leash for that guy?

Furthermore, for how "spectacular" the nation claims T Will to be, did he even score yesterday? I know that one rebound he had where he exchanged hands behind the back while in mid air was INCREDIBLE, but you can't score a single point after 30+ minutes of basketball. Really?

Props to Izzo for completely exposing what is and always will be the weakness of a Rick Pitino coached Louisville team.

Devil's Threesome said...

So aggravating. I scared the lady by calling them all a bunch of cocksuckers and proceeded to rant about how I hated the Big 11 so much. To MSU's credit they played good defense. By that, I mean, they funnelled all activity to Earl Clark and let him ruin UL's season. What a fucking black hole.

Not only did T-Will not show up, but Samuels was worthless as well.

EMoney said...

True - Samuels was worthless, but I'm not puttin' the blame on a freshman center when he is playing alonside 2 upper-classmen that are alleged NBA lottery picks.