Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Saturday of basketball

The first round of the tournament is over.  A full two days packed to the brim with basketball has flowed through our brains.  Okay... I'm going to stop waxing poetic like a Urinal Sentinel writer.

How f'ing awesome is the NCAA tournament?  It's the best time of the year.  The games on Thursday really didn't provide any great moments or heartbreaking moments, but then Friday came.  It all started for us with our beloved Golden Eagles.  They boys in blue and gold proved that they will never make it easy on us.  You know when else they didn't make it easy on us?  2003.  The only "easy" game in that stretch was Kentucky.  Not saying that will happen this year, but comparisons are fun.

The last two games of the night were ridiculous.  Siena and Ohio State go for 2 overtimes while the Badgers bored everyone by extending their horrible brand of Big Televen basketball into 5 extra minutes.  Oh yeah, and probably the first "real" upset of the day with Cleveland State beating Wake Forest... which totally f'd my brackets.  Thanks, Wake!

Most importantly, we get another game with the incredible group of seniors.  I'm not ready to let them go and I know they aren't ready to be done with us.  It really sucks watching James sit on the bench chewing on a towel.  It is awesome to see him talking to and coaching the other players during time outs and when they come to the bench.  I bet this young man has a future as a bench leader.

Our future also looks bright.  I had the pleasure of watching the Madison Memorial versus Bay Port game last night.  There I got a glimpse into the future.  The future looks bright.  Jeronne Maymon is an absolute beast and he's got a set of nads on him that are right up there with the 4 gentlemen leaving this program.  He hit every single one of this free throws in overtime to propel his Spartans to the Championship game tonight against Racine Horlick.  Out of the free throws (I think it was 5 or 6) only one of them was not pure and touched a little rim.  This kid is composed and will be a great player on our team.  Once he puts on some more muscle and gets "Big East" ready, I could see a bit of Dejaun Blair in him.  It's a bit of a stretch at this moment, but he has a nose for the ball on the glass and did have a double double last night.

2 more days of basketball tournament awesomeness left this weekend.  Then it's back to the boring life until Thursday.  Fire up, Marquette!  Ring out Ahoya.

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