Sunday, March 1, 2009

Son of a Bitch!

I came into the game with such low expectations, but I came away feeling much better about our chances going forward. They played their asses off and in my opinion (and that of many others) they left everything out on the court. Mo and Cooby played awesome and really stepped up, handled the press very effectively and even hit some shots...not having DJ was not the reason we lost this game. Our piss poor shooting, especially from our best player, was the reason we lost. Jimmy had 10 he could finish some of the boards off. The first 3 minutes of the second half really killed us as we battled pretty even the rest of the way we just didn't have enough. rel got raped on that steal and dunk during that run. That foul call on Zar on the moving pick was very ticky tack. He made contact on the pick, rolled to the hoop bumping into the guard who went under the pick as he rolled. Rel hits the 3 but its get waved off. Absolute horse shit call as that happens millions of times during the game. Thabeet got away with that shit atleast 5 times when price hit 3's and rel was late getting through the screen. Wes almost hits that last desperation 3 after he tired to draw the foul. I guess I understand you can't reward Wes for that, but damn he jumped. Fucking Edgar Sosa drains that late 3 with Rel in his have to be kidding me. Wes and Jimmy not blocking out Knowles (#2?) on that free throw. How can you let that happen...well on T'will's throws right after that he's fucking pushing Wes in the back (and even forced the ref to walk over and warn him). ah, I'm so pissed off, not from our effort just the fact that we shot like shit and still had a chance to win. I do think that people realized today that we are still a force to be reackon with in our conference and the NCAA's and think we showed the loss of James shouldn't affect our seeding.


FPMKE said...

Good call Zone. I made some of the same comments after the game. 'rel had a terrible game and we were still in it... impressive.

Road-trippers, was it exceptionally hot in Louisville? Buzz looked like Kirby after drinking a glass of tobasco.

EMoney said...

It was hotter than hades in that arena. And it didn't help that most of us were extremely hung over.....I'm not sure if that was the case with Buzz. I hope not anyways.

In regards to the game, I have to agree with just about everything that you said Zone with one exception. You are absolutely wrong when you say that having James would not have made a difference in that game. Yes, Rel shot horrendously. Some of which were flat out misses that he normally makes, but there were a handful of times when he would try to create on his own and force a shot with 2-3 guys in his face. As I predicted, losing James simply puts more pressure on Jerel and Wes to create on their own....and that was evident yesterday and against UConn. With James present, he can penetrate and kick.....or penetrate which forces the D to collapse where he does one of his patented dump offs to Lazar or Jimmy...something that was rarely done yesterday and is especially important against a zone defense. Furthermore, James runs the break far more efficiently than anyone on our team. That steal that Acker had....nobody was ahead of him, but had Clark and I think TWill trailing so he wisely pulls out. If that were James, there's no way he pulls out, but probably dunks it/lays it in/and/or gets fouled. There are so many ways that James influences the game positively that cannot even be described, or it would take too long to discuss. Would we have won if James was healthy.....we'll never know. In my opinion, we probably win that game with how terrible Louisville played offensively. I just think that overall, our offense would have run a lot more smoothly and we would have scored more than 28pts in the first half. But again I was not disappointed with the overall performance as I expected to lose by double digits.

Zone Defense is for Pussies said...

I never said not having James wouldn't have made a difference. James is a freak of nature and of course without him we are a different team with a true point guard. But not having James was not the reason why we lost. We had a ton of wide open looks without the dribble penatration (which I still don't think is the most effective way to attack the Ville zone). Actually I thought we were pretty effective against the zone yesterday by swinging the ball around the horn and looking for the late rotation and attacking that hole off the bounce or off the dish to the high post.
there's no doubt we are a different team without James.

EMoney said...

Apparently Dashonte Riley is going to announce is committment this week. Marquette is still on his list of 10, and rumor has it that it is down to Marquette and Syracuse. A long shot, but interesting none the less.

Reid You Animal! said...

In other news unrelated to the topic of the post, our friends at SSP teased their afternoon debacle with the following line today: "Apparently the Golden Eagles have crash landed!" Can't wait to hear all of their insights on how terribly MU played this weekend. Bunch of ass-clowns