Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stuck at work on Friday

While I would much rather be at a bar or home watching the MU game and the rest of the Friday match-ups, I will be stuck at work. My request for time off was denied due to a significant number of my coworkers already having requested and received the day off. Since my honesty failed, I suggest that those of you who have not revealed your plans to the boss yet review this years Top 10 Excuses provided by

My new plan of action:
Step 1: Bring laptop to work to stay up to date - avoid issues with IT Dept by accessing free wifi provided by Starbucks across the street... I might feel guilty if they didn't charge me $5 for their crack cocaine in cup.
Step 2: Do my banker thing - take a long lunch at just the right time so I can catch the majority of the MU game. If game goes to OT "I bumped into..." or send random e-mails via blackberry so people think that I am at my desk.
Step 3: Spend afternoon contacting customers that I know are NCAA fans so we can talk upsets.
Step 4: Stock office fridge with beer - plenty of my coworkers are lushes and sometime late afternoon will be easily persuaded to drink beer and check out scores online so we can update brackets.
Step 5: 5:00pm - I'm free... Miller time.

I hope those of you who have the day off will have a few shots or bombs in my honor.

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Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

Lucky for me I came down with a cough this week and it has forced me out of work today. I guess I'll have to get better by watching basketball. I do have to go back for a big meeting which sucks. I hope MU makes me feel better.