Friday, March 6, 2009


Alright Zone, the game that you have been waiting for all season and I have yet to get a comment from you. Let me just start off by saying that it is going to be a very emotional day, so I plan on bringing a box of Kleenex and a small bottle of Woodford Reserve. I really don't know what to expect in terms of team performance. We are 0-3 without Dom, but we have played 3 of the better teams in the nation, so I am curious to see how we perform against a team that is more at our level. Syracuse is a very peculiar team, and if I was a fan I would probably be very frustrated. They have a ton of talent but seem to underachieve as an overall unit. However, due to all of that talent there is also the potential for them to be very good.....see our game at Syracuse last year. I am really concerned about Johnny Flynn. I don't think Acker is going to be able to keep him below or near is average output, so I think that this matchup in particular is of the utmost importance. Anyhow, I pray that we win this game. A fourth consecutive loss would cripple our resume and solidify us as a 7-8 seed. Keys to victory: 1. Composure - Jerel is really pressing without Dom. His shooting percentage has been abysmal the last 2 games. He needs to play more within himself and allow the others to create as well. Wes and Lazar are completely capable in helping him out. 2. FT line touches - Wes and Lazar need to get the ball near the free throw line and hit that jumper or get to the rack. I don't want to see the ball moving east to west for the entirety of the shot clock. Penetrate and or get the ball to the man in the middle. 3. Rebounding - Syracuse' bigs dominated MU on the boards last year. We need to limit their offensive rebounding and hopefully grab a few of our own.

I plan on being at HTR by 11am to enjoy a bloody or 2. I can be located near the northeast corner of the bar where The Marine (aka "Blackout", aka "Crawl") will likely be tendin'.

Good luck gentleman and GO MARQUETTE!


FPMKE said...

Woodford Reserve is some smooth shit... mmmm.

Acker is going to get out-played and out-classed by Flynn... no doubt.

Hopefully 'rel and Wes take some 5-hour energy before the game and put in a solid effort.

Reid You Animal! said...

I feel like I'm stating the obvious here, but for me the key is our start. We cannot afford to get behind in the 1st half again. It seems like we've expended so much energy coming back in the past 3 games that we just haven't had enough left to finish. I don't know that it actually takes less energy to play from the front, but it sure seems like coming back takes a lot out of us. Get ahead, stay ahead. That's what I'm hoping for.