Thursday, March 5, 2009

This Sucks.

I cannot watch these games anymore. I got home from work late, had to run some errands, so I only caught the last three minutes of the first half and the first ten of the second.

I do not want to remember this team, this group of seniors, and this season like this. Wes and Jerel are marvelous players, tremendous competitors, and fine representatives of our institution. They are also completely, totally, and undeniably gassed. The tank runs out earlier every game; yesterday, it was around the 15:00 mark of the second half, when they both starting launching threes that never had a prayer of going in, and when the defense just disappeared. Tired legs means more jump shots and less movement on D. It also leads to 90-75 beatdowns that were much, much uglier than the final line indicated.

At this point, with Wes and 'Rel continuing to put in 40 minutes per, with the Black David Eckstein at the point (lots of guts covering up minimal talent), with Jimmy Legs the only option off the bench, and having played 17 Big East games ... we're like a punch-drunk boxer, capable of landing a few punches in short spurts, but unable to sustain a meaningful attack. We're just waiting to get knocked out, every game.

Goddammitall. This fucking sucks.


EMoney said...

I see your point Rub's. However to gain some perspective, let's remember who we are and who we were playing. Personally I think UConn and Pitt are the 2 best teams in the nation, and Louisville isn't far behind those two. That being said, is it lack of size/depth/energy. Or is it simply, those were 3 of the best teams in the nation and we just can't really compete with them....especially without our floor general. Only time will tell I guess.

Rubie Q said...

No doubt that those three teams will make deep tourney runs; I wouldn't be surprised to see any of them in the Final Four.

That said, facts are facts. We gave up 63% shooting last night. The Globetrotters don't shoot that well. And that's largely attributable, I think, to fatigue. We just don't have the energy to play good D for 40 minutes anymore.

To top it all off, in about a month, we'll get an article from MikeHunt about how disappointing the Amigos were, because they only won one NCAA tournament game. And then I'll have to light myself on fire.

EMoney said...

The fatigue theory is definitely possible. This is why, as not ready as they may be, I think players like Hazel, Fulce, and Otule needed to play short stints all year long. As you stated, we gave up 63% shooting last night. So what's the difference if we let a tired Hayward give it up or an energetic Fulce give it up.

This whole situtation just sucks. As much as I absolutely love this team, I look forward to the future when we have a BALANCED team and a coach that doesn't have 1 foot out the door. I hate to think what might have been if Crean was still here, and we possibly have Mbakwe, Tyshawn Taylor, Nick Williams, and Christopherson on the roster.

Rubie Q said...

I go back and forth on this. You're playing with fire to run three guys out there for 37-40 minutes per game in the Big East season. At the same time, look at Buzz's options on the bench: an undersized point guard; an undersized shooting guard who can't shoot; a 6'5" "power forward" in Hazel who has no business playing in the Big East; and two guys who missed way too much time to meaningfully contribute this year. (Otule, in particular, looks like a baby deer learning to walk whenever he gets on the court.) But, yes, I'd like to see Fulce get some more minutes in the last few games -- just play D and don't worry about the offense at all.

Re: what could have been. I think Mbakwe's gone regardless. There's just something ... wrong with that young man. Christopherson was never a Big East caliber player -- basically a slower version of Jason Bohannon (if that's possible). Nick Williams is just a guy.

Losing Taylor now seems especially cruel in light of Dom's injury. But if Crean came back, I think 'Rel's gone, and Dom probably is, too. Long story short: I don't think there was any scenario where we had all those guys on the roster for this season.

EMoney said...

So after thinking about the second half, here is my biggest gripe/concern about Jerel and Wes: We go up 9 with like 15 and change to play. Rather than being very deliberate and controlling the flow of the game, they jack up 3 consecutive 3's early in the shot clock....all of which lead to easy transition buckets on the other end. A 9 pt lead evaporated in about 1.5 min's and just like that a quiet crowd goes ape. This cannot and should not happen....especially in a tough road environment. If they were smart, they work the clock, look for a good shot or at least penetrate and try to draw a foul. Jerel even admitted that those were bad shots and are likely due to the loss of James. I hope in the future (maybe the NCAA's), if we are in the same scenario and we waste possessions with the lead, Buzz calls a timeout and gets them back on track. I'm still bothered by how it all transpired.

Devil's Threesome said...

We got too hot. The guys thought they would hit every shot. After the first miss, we didn't learn our lesson. Buzz is getting excoriated on the boards for not calling a TO, but shit, it would not have mattered.

The key thing is to play well enough against the Cuse and in the BET to get a 5 or 6 seed. We are totally ass-raped if we get a 7 or 8 b/c it's a harder first round opponent and the second round opponent is a #1 or #2 seed. If we are a 5 or 6, there's no fucking way that we play a team anywhere near the caliber of UConn, Pitt or UL on the first weekend. Therefore, we stand a GREAT shot at reaching the Sweet 16.

That being said, I think we'll get fucked and get a 7 or 8 seed. Lunardi said last night that he expects us to be a 5-7 seed and that was BEFORE the ass-raping we absorbed at the Pete.

Meanwhile, Purdue loses at HOME to Northwestern and Illinois can't score over 40 points and they will be seeded 2-3 lines above us. It's an unjust world.

EMoney said...

Unjust? The Big 10 is just as good as the Big East and is actually ranked #2 in the RPI behind the ACC.


Totally agree, the 4th/5th place team in the Big East is probably 1-2 in the Big10. Happens every year. Big 10 gets a kiss on the cheek on history alone. I think we should start a "Fire Ted Thompson"-like website, but it's more of a Big10 is overrated theme. Put on your thinking caps people. I bet we could get play on The Herd, as Colin has been a Big10 hater for years.

I'd also like to add that I hate how a percentage of the seeding seems to be based on a "what have you done for me lately" rather than the entire body of work. We really need to win 3 more games before the tourney to rejuvenate our image because consecutive losses to UConn, Louisville, and Pitt are just L's in everyone else's book.