Tuesday, March 17, 2009

University of Wisconsin-Madison and UW-Madison both asked to opine on State of Wisconsin

Apparently the State of Wisconsin is using a new slogan to attract tourists, "Live like you mean it".

While my favorite part is about this being a Bacardi slogan (covered later), I want to point out that the journalist was able to find two credile sources that appear to be at seemingly different educational institutions within the State of Wisconsin:
1) University of Wisconsin-Madison law professor A.D.
2) UW-Madison professor T.O.

Anyway, "Live like you mean it" apparently is a Bacardi slogan which is fitting considering the State of Drunkeness'... excuse me, State of Wisconsin's reputation. I know Reid, Kirby, and Va Jay Jay can attest to this.

However, if we're going to use some sort of alcohol slogan, wouldn't we be better off adopting Wendell as the State mascot and switch it to "Living the High Life"?

It's St. Patty's Day. It's warm. I've been drinking outside. Peace out bitches.


Charlie Weis's Gunt said...

FYI: Tom O'Guinn is one of my professors, the man who gave me my full ride scholarship and someone I would consider a friend...feel free to knock the reporter, the state of Wisconsin, or UW-Madison, but please don't give Tom O' any crap...especially given that googling his name will turn this up.

FPMKE said...

No crap being given to Tom... merely to the reporter who seems to imply that UW-Madison and University of Wisconsin-Madison are two different institutions.

Rubie Q said...

Is that a guy doing a cartwheel in that logo? What the hell is that? When's the last time you saw a man doing a fucking cartwheel in Wisconsin? Most of us struggle walking, for Christ's sake.

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

If it is a cartwheel, my only guess is that it is in tribute to Chris Farley. That is probably the last man to come out of Wisconsin to be able to do one. Unless you count the Hamm brothers.

The font is also ridiculously gay. Way to go Wisconsin. Everyone is laughing AT us.

You are a Baffoon said...

Below is a linked Gargantubracket that I just downloaded and printed off Czabe.com. It has some really good stuff. Can you believe it only one more day left!! O and by the way the marketing department for our state once again proved that you can have the intelligence of a babboon to work in state government, way to think this one through.....BAFFOONS!!!!!