Thursday, March 12, 2009


Let me just say that if our starters look tired against Nova today, the blame can be put largely on Coach Williams. MU is up 30+ pts with 6 min's to play and Jerel, Wes, and Lazar area all still in the game. Inexcusable! Not only for rest, but also the potential for injury. After the way Buzz handled the end of the Syracuse game and now leaving starters in with a 30pt margin and 5 to play, I am beginning to collect mental asterisks about his coaching.

I'm not too optimistic about today's game. Villanova has been playing really well the last 8 weeks, and their depth is probably going to be our demise. Jerel and Wes have been shooting poorly since James went down, so they need to be hot to have a chance. Furthermore, we can't give up 70% shooting and 100pts to them......enough with the O'lay bullsh*t. I predict double digit loss.


Zone Defense is for Pussies said...

wait a second...our highest minutes were 31 by Wes. these guys are used to playing 40. also, I think there's something to what buzz was trying to do. we just lost 4 games in a row so why not let our best players get back into a rythem and have fun playing again. it would have been pointless to just sit them down and only play then 10 minutes. hell jerel could have stopped playing with 10 minutes to go in the first half and we wuold have won. last time we got a big lead and rested our players Rutgers almost came back to win that game. besides isnt the bigger prize the NCAA tourney and not the Big East tourney. i think we've got a good shot against Nova today. we are coming off a win and our mojo is coming back and nova hasn't played in a week. maybe MU has the Cuse run from a few years ago where the get on a roll and win 4 in a row.

and what exactly did buzz do wrong at the end of the Cuse game. i agree with him that with the ball in your hands and chance to win the game why call time out. give the ball to your best player and let him make a play. its not his fault rel fucked up the dribble and ended up taking a shitty shot. you can't put that on Buzz. if we call time out it gives Cuse a chance to set up their D and we'd run the same play we ran without calling the time out. rel missed the shot period!

$-How can you even say one bad thing about Buzz this year? I think he's done an amazing job considering the circumstances.

Rubie Q said...

Two things:

One, we got plenty of rest yesterday. 'Rel only went 26 minutes and Wes went 31. And, with the token resistance that St. John's put up, the game was the equivalent of a practice session. Legs shouldn't be a problem today. Having Acker try to defend one of Nova's guards will be the issue.

Second, Buzz has done a fine job this year, but he's got plenty to learn, especially in terms of coaching defense. I mean, he was still trying to use that three-quarters zone press after we lost Dom. We only play six players now, and 'Rel has to create more of his own looks now that Dom's out -- and that press has 'Rel sprinting back and forth across the court. That's just bad coaching.

That's just one example. Like I said to DS3 after the 'Cuse game, I don't miss having Crean as a coach except in one area -- his teams would NOT play defense like this. He wouldn't stand for it.

EMoney said...

I'm not anti-Buzz here, these are just a couple of disagreements that I have had with him in recent memory. I agree with the fact that he has done a really good job thus far, so don't think that I'm calling for his head or anything.

Syracuse game -

1. I didn't completely agree with calling a timeout when Cuse got the ball down 1 with 13 secs to play and no timeouts. I didn't agree but whatever.
2. They call a timeout to set up their defense against Cuse and decide to press against a team that has quick guards that are really good ball handlers. One simple screen and Flynn had a 2 on 1 break which lead to an easy layup/foul.
3. Not calling a timeout. I understand you want your best player to have the ball. Syracuse knew that too. So Jerel fumbles the ball around for 5 seconds and forces a long 3 with 2-3 guys in his face. If you take a timeout you can at least send him around screens or something, or use him as bait to create a shot for Lazar. I completely disagreed with this. Say what you will about not calling the TO, we all saw what ensued with not calling one.

Devil's Threesome said...

We lose by double digits. I would be very surprised to see a close game.

Buzz does have a lot to learn, but I'm fine with his end of game timeout strategy. More teams lose at the end of games b/c their defense isn't set. Make the team hit a tough shot. Conversely, don't call a TO so your opponent can set up their D. It won't work all the time, but I agree with the strategy.

Buzz better improve the defensive outcomes - WE ARE 15TH IN THE LEAGUE IN FG DEFENSE. Holy hell, that's absolutely shit.