Monday, March 23, 2009

Why I'm Not Upset.

Normally, after a loss like yesterday's, I'd be apoplectic. (Witness last year's Stanford debacle.) This year, after this loss, I'm strangely calm. For the last twelve hours, I've tried to figure out why. I think I've settled on the reason; I call it "The Tale of Two Athletes":

On our side, you had a guy, quite literally, out there on one leg. He couldn't jump, he couldn't shoot (because he hasn't practiced in three weeks), and he could barely run. And still -- he went 13 minutes in the first half, four in the second, and was so distraught about not being on the court at the end of the game that he went billy goat on a towel.

On the other side, you had a guy fouled with 5 seconds left who took himself out of the game for the crucial free throws, but then immediately ran to the scorer's table to try to check in for the final seconds. (And, no, I don't much care that he allegedly fractured his wrist a month ago. If you're too hurt to shoot free throws, you're too hurt to play defense.)

One player defines courage. The other defines being chickenshit.

I'm glad we're on the right side of that scoreboard.


EMoney said...

Rub's - I'm impressed with your overall outlook on yesterday's game and agree with you.

Missouri is a bunch of hacks! They're lucky the refs weren't calling the game more tightly because they may not have had enough fouls to give. And that b.s. "injury" which allowed their best shooter to come in and knock them down.....I don't know what I can really say about that other than that rule needs to be changed.

So I agree....the way that our team performs and represents Marquette University seems to trump all of these close losses that we've had. So much so that Dick Vitale (along with Jay Bilas last year) took time to point out how great McNeal, Matthews, and James are and how they portray what college basketball is and should be about. It's good to know that this is recognized on a national spite of what the in-state media might have everyone believe.

Rubie Q said...

$ - do you want me to put up the post you were working on last night? Don't know if you're able to edit it...

FPMKE said...

I struggled quite a bit last night trying to reconcile this all in my head (and drank a few too many extra beers in the process).

When I woke up this morning I decided that at the end of the day, I feel really bad for Lazar. I'm not even mad about it. Talk about a guy who fought hard for us all season and to have it end like that must really suck. I hope this doesn't affect his mojo going in to next season. We need him to be our superstar.

EMoney said...

Rub - It's still a work in progress. I'll probably get to it after work today.

I can't help but continue to dwell on the final 1.5 min's of yesterdays game. So many little things that could have made the game go our way. I really wanted a crack at Memphis.