Thursday, March 19, 2009

Will the road end in Boise?

With the lack of discussion concerning Marquette's first round matchup with Utah St, and the fact that the most action this site is getting is regarding the opening of Step by Step, I thought I would take it upon myself to try and ignite what could be our final pre-game discussion of the 2008-2009 season. Rubie, I am impressed and amused (and actually somewhat concerned....did you lose your job?) with your sitcom knowledge, but we are just over 12 hours away from our Holy War with the mormons......wait.....I mean we are just over 12 hours away from a rare grudge match with WAC conference champ Utah St. Let's Get It On!

Utah St - I think mormon, I think old whities, I think plurality. Yes! My initial thoughts were confirmed when I opened the first Utah St article and learned that their go to guy was a 26 year old red headed (was he a ginger? don't remember) by the name of, Gary Wilkinson. Anyhow, I don't know anything about this team other than they like to run set plays, work the clock to find the best shot possible, and try and find this Wilkinson character. Apparently, they rank very high nationally in both FG and 3pt FG percentage because they are so patient in their offense.

So what do I think about the matchup? While I understand that they have a very talented 6'9" post player, I don't necessarily fear this defensive assignment for Burke considering he has already played the likes of Dejuan Blair, Hasheem Thabeet, Luke Harangody, Greg Monroe, and Dante Cunningham (to name a few).......all of which are far more talented than Wilkinson IMO. I'm sure Wilkinson will get his, but I fear what his support cast will do more. Since Dom went down, MU's overall defense has been mediocre at best. Game after game, MU surrendered unordinarily high field goal percentages to their opponents. If they want to have a shot tomorrow, they CANNOT surrender an opponent FG% of 50%. This is my #1 key to the game - We'll put up plenty of points, but we can't surrender a DEFEND!

Second, I think that Marquette needs to come out of the gates with intensity and toughness. They have been notoriously slow starters this year, and I don't recommend playing from behind against a team that is patient on offense and doesn't turn the ball over. Comparitively, Marquette is much more experienced than Utah St. They play in a much tougher conference, and this is their fourth consecutive NCAA tournament appearance. Act like it! Play smart and attack. MU is much more athletic, so Jerel and Wes should be able to penetrate and get to the rack or the free throw line at will. They really need to take advantage of this. If MU can avoid falling in love with the 3 (paging Jerel McNeal) and attacks the basket, they should win this game. Their talent, athleticism, and experience should trump everything that Utah St brings to the table (even if Gary Wilkinson has more wives than all of MU's players combined). So let's go get 'em! I'm hesitant/nervous as I always am, but we are the better team. Let's get this one and get a repeat of the '03 second round matchup of Mizzou. Good luck gentleman! D3, if we win tomorrow, I urge you to have a Woodford Reserve in my honor as I will be sitting in meetings and teleconferences for most of the is good.

Ring Out Ahoya! (Fixed it.)


EMoney said...

That was supposed to say....

"Ring Out Ahoya!"

But I fell asleep and my head hit the return button.

Let's Go Marquette!

FPMKE said...

Nice work! I think DWade was the only MU player ever to have a wife. The rest of the team just had a lot of bitches (including DWade based on wifey's STD claims).

I'm counting on Jimmy Legs to have another big game and for 'rel to return to form. 'rel has too much talent to keep throwing up all those garbage 3s... leave that shit to Wes, Lazar, and, if needed, Maurice.

FPMKE said...

Anybody else check out those boobies above D3s deadspin contribution? Looked cold... made me want to go to a hockey game.

Devil's Threesome said...

I think we'll win. A couple of keys from my view here on the couch:

1) Dribble penetration - all freaking day. This isn't the Big East, tournament games are called a lot tighter. Go to rack (Wesley!), draw fouls and get to the line

2) USU is 171st in the nation in defensive efficiency. Only one team in the Big East is worse - DePaul. I think it bodes well that we are playing a slightly better defensive team than DePaul

3) Conservative defense - I know that everyone wants to run, but that has NEVER worked against a legit team this year. We need to play solid, stay in front of your man defense and force them to take contested shots. I don't give a shit about deflections - I don't want to see white boy layups and open threes

4) 'Zar will be a mismatch for USU - let's exploit that and get him some open looks from the top of the key

In the end, MU will prevail 76-67 and send the Mormons home unhappy. Let's go Cornell, beat Missoura!!

EMoney said...

Agree with everything you say, D3. The conservative D is a good point.....overplay will lead to layups and wide open 3's that they'll knock down. And I also think that Lazar could be our MVP today. I foresee 21 and 10 for Zar.

Rubie Q said...

A few points:

(1) I imagine a team that has 200 set plays on offense doesn't have a lot of spare time to work on defense. They're probably 170+ in the KenPom for that reason alone.

(2) Burke will play no more than 12 minutes today. Legs is going to be a terror on the offensive glass. I think Legs is as big of a mismatch for them as 'Zar is.

(3) NO JUNK DEFENSES. We won't get away with a zone against a team that shoots this well. Good man-to-man, all game long.

Devil's Threesome said...

I really, really hope that Legs is a terror on the glass. We should have a better player at 3 of the 5 starting positions. Can we take enough advantage of that? At least the boys weren't distracted, I'm certain that Boise isn't as hoppin' as NYC.

Damn does it feel good to be out of conference play!!